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businesslending.comThe world of domain name investors called out a big sale that took place on GoDaddy over the weekend. The domain is and it reportedly sold for $44,000, according to Namebio which tracks sales when data is available. The whois information does not reveal who the buyer is at this time.

Other potentially high value domain names in the small business finance industry include and, each of which are standalone businesses.

Meanwhile: was sold for $3 million 24 years ago and today redirects to the homepage of Bank of America. belongs to Business Lenders, LLC, which has since ceased its lending operations. redirects to a bio page for a big real estate broker. redirects to Circadian Funding’s website. redirects to Lighter Capital’s website. is a page that hasn’t been set up yet. doesn’t resolve.

How important is a domain name to a business? Important enough that a business can hardly afford to lose one. And did you hear about the first domain name to ever be used as loan collateral over the blockchain? It just happened recently!

Last modified: February 12, 2024

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