Amazon’s Seller Lending Program Receivables Cool Off

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AmazonAccording to documents purportedly obtained by Business Insider in January, Amazon had planned to increase its business loan operations in 2023, estimating that its loan receivables would eventually exceed $2B. Instead, the receivables figure has been slowly going in reverse, according to an examination of the company’s regular quarterly earnings reports. Amazon’s seller lending receivables hit a high of $1.4B in Q3 of 2022 but then ticked downward to $1.3B by year end. In Q1 of this year, those receivables had gone down again to $1.2B.

Amazon’s Seller Lending Receivables
2016: $661M
2017: $692M
2018: $710M
2019: $863M
2020: $381M (covid)
2021: $1B
2022 (Q1): $1.1B
2022 (Q2): $1.3B
2022 (Q3): $1.4B
2022 (Q4): $1.3B
2023 (Q1): $1.2B

Not counted in these figures is financing to Amazon sellers conducted through a third party. Amazon teamed up with Parafin on merchant cash advances, Lendistry for Business Loans, and Marcus for lines of credit, for example. Data on funding from these parties is a little more difficult to come by.

Last modified: April 30, 2023

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