Man Who Defrauded MCA Companies Indicted

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in handcuffsAn alleged fraud executed five years ago against merchant cash advance companies did not go unnoticed. A grand jury indicted an El Dorado Hills resident named Suneet Singal on April 7th under seal. The Department of Justice announced it yesterday morning.

According to the Grand Jury, Singal engaged in a scheme to fraudulently induce financing companies to provide merchant cash advances to a company he had previously sold and no longer owned. In doing so, Singal allegedly received six wires from four financing companies between April 12 and May 22, 2017 in the amounts of $197,370, $112,308, $48,500, $294,946, $96,970, and $43,975. The indictment did not cite any of the companies by name. Allegedly, Singal used those funds for various expenses, and the company he did not own was forced to file for bankruptcy. Singal was indicted on 10 counts.

The DOJ did not publish the full indictment but it can viewed in its entirety here. Despite the “sealed” stamp at the top, the court ordered it be unsealed upon Singal’s arrest and is public record.

Last modified: April 19, 2022

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