Reality Show About SMB Finance Sales Rockets to The Top Spot

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Equipping The Dream CastFour aspiring equipment finance brokers traveled to Rochester, New Hampshire last November to get a hands-on sales training from the management team at Everlasting Capital. With a variety of backgrounds and dreams of turning commercial finance sales into a lucrative career, each trainee wasn’t sure what they were in for when a team of mentors and a film crew awaited them inside.

That’s the basis for Equipping The Dream, a deBanked TV produced web-based reality show that debuted on February 15th. The six-episode show is dropping twice a week until the finale scheduled for March 3rd.

Over the weekend, Episode 1 of the show became the most visited page on deBanked in 2022 so far.

“There’s never been anything like this about the industry,” said Executive Producer Sean Murray. “We did a screening of it for some people who had nothing to do with sales or finance and they were captivated by it.”

Equipping The DreamPartners Josh Feinberg and Will Murphy were already well-known throughout the industry. The two were featured in a 2018 deBanked story that explains how their journey began years earlier in a pawnshop basement. Since then, the pair now also run Equipment Broker School, a training course for aspiring brokers.

The sales tips and experience in the show, therefore, are as real as it gets. Viewers have shared what they thought of the first two episodes out so far:

“It was inspiring to see other people doing what I’m doing.”

“Awesome production!”

“This is getting good! COLD CALLERS watch this!!!!”

“This did not disappoint.”

“Your camera quality is better than most shows on Netflix.”

“I’m rooting for these brokers to succeed.”

“Now that’s reality!”

Episode 3 will be released on Tuesday, February 22nd. The four trainees range in ages 35-50. The show is exclusively on deBanked TV.

Last modified: February 23, 2022

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