For Sale: 60,000+ Leads From 1st Global Capital

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AUCTION PADDLESince 1st Global Capital went out of business, the company’s treasure trove of leads has been up for sale. Beginning in October, 41 companies were propositioned by 1st Global Capital’s bankruptcy advisors to make a bid on the company’s data. Ten companies actually entered into non-disclosure agreements to access a data room. That led to four official proposals which was narrowed down to two formal negotiations and ultimately the selection of one final stalking horse bidder.

In Advance Capital’s high bid came in at $105,000 for data that includes 57,000 non-funded applications and 4,760 funded applications. That dollar figure is actually an upfront fee against future commissions because the arrangement requires the buyer to pay 1st Global Capital a commission for every merchant on the list that they end up funding in-house or elsewhere. The total purchase price therefore is likely to exceed $105,000 over time. The buyer is not permitted to stack any merchant on the list.

As the stalking horse, In Advance’s bid will be honored unless new companies outbid them between now and January 7. If two or more qualified bids are received, a formal auction will take place on January 8. A hearing on the outcome will take place on January 9.

You can download details on the auction process here.

Last modified: April 20, 2019

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