Dress for Sales at deBanked CONNECT – San Diego

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The first 100 salespeople to check in to deBanked CONNECT in San Diego on Thursday, October 4th will receive a FREE shirt to help them close more deals 24/7. It says I Can Fund Your Business on the front and Ask Me How on the back.

“There is no mention of deBanked anywhere on the shirt,” said deBanked president and event organizer Sean Murray. “We simply want to create opportunities for salespeople to do more business. They can wear it on Main Street, at the gym, or while patronizing small businesses. Someone is bound to ask you how to get funded. Whether you’re offering small business loans, factoring, MCAs or something else, it still applies. Pitch what you do.”

This kind of marketing works. Of course, it can’t hurt to wear your own company’s attire as well. You can combine it with your company hat, for example. The idea is to get the right person who you otherwise might never engage with, to ask you the question, “Can you fund my business?”

And once you’re approached, use your training to diagnose what the prospect needs. Several industry experts say the “Consultative Sale” works best. If you happen to be offering MCAs or competing against an MCA product, articulating the details (pros & cons) will go a long way in building credibility. The MCA Basics course is something that can really make a difference for salespeople, for example.

THERE’S ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT TO REGISTER FOR DEBANKED CONNECT – SAN DIEGO. Register now and check in as early as 1:30PM on October 4th to get your free shirt.


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Last modified: September 17, 2018

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