Good Internet Connection: A Recap of Broker Fair Virtual’s Debut

June 17, 2020
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Broker Fair 2020 VirtualLast week’s Broker Fair Virtual was the first of its kind for the industry. The day-long event offered talks and networking, just like the in-person event, albeit without the catering service and open bar. Offering a digital space that included a virtual auditorium, networking lounge, expo hall, and individual company booths, the event attempted to recreate the experience of connecting and mingling with the rest of the industry, as much as was possible.

Kicking off with a Matrix-inspired introduction to the virtual space led by alternative finance’s version of Neo’s mentor, Mur-pheus (Murray as Morpheus), the show then went in numerous directions, with panels and talks covering a variety of topics and sectors.

Funding Metrics’ David Frascella took to the virtual stage to talk about how his company and the industry at large have been getting through the pandemic; what’s to come for America was up for discussion with Scott Rasmussen, the veteran pollster, who elaborated on how business could be effected by the upcoming presidential election; the future of combining people with data was debated by figures from Become, Elevate Funding, and Ocrolus; Canada’s lending situation and prospects were talked through in Covid and Canadian Credit;The new normal was discussed by NYC’s Fintech Women; and John Henry, an entrepreneur and star of VICELAND’s ‘Hustle,’ spoke of his experience running businesses and what made his story a success.

As well as this selection of talks, another standout was the cannabis panel. Led by a number of industry veterans, which broke down the difference in funding marijuana-based companies compared to other deals, and what could be down the road for the industry as more states consider legalization.

National Funding’s CRO, Justin Thompson, held an extended Q&A session, fielding queries about how National has been faring through these times and what its approaches are as the economy begins to open back up.

How long-term is long-term for the coronavirus’s impact? Are SBA deals the way to go? Does the industry need to go further with its adaption to this new normal? All these questions were asked and answered in The Great Debate, a panel made up of industry figures from various backgrounds.

And brokers’ futures were considered by Lendio’s Brock Blake, United Capital Source’s Jared Weitz, National Business Capital & Service’s James Webster, and The Watson Group’s Gerald Watson. Here, the idea of a recovery, how each struggled through March and April, and PPP were all debated by the panelists, with perspectives of what’s to come leaning both ways.

There’ll be an evolution of new industries and how we do business,” Gerald Watson noted in his closing words, “just look at this conference for example.”

There was no lobby to find brokers and funders hashing out deals in relative privacy away from the expo hall, instead this was replaced by private messages exchanged. Rather than line up for some chicken wings, people chowed down to whatever was in their home on that day. And instead of gathering around a bar and finishing the day after the final talk, attendees cracked something at their desk and chatted it up in the networking lounge, recalling previous events and what was once taken for granted: the ability to connect effortlessly.

The coronavirus continues to physically keep people apart, but for one day last week the industry was able to come together and network, make deals, and gain insight; albeit in a different way, internet connections providing.

Broker Fair 2020 Virtual Video Q&A

June 6, 2020
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Broker Fair 2020 Virtual is this week! Still have questions? I answered some of Johny Fernandez’s questions in this video interview below:

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Sun Shines on deBanked CONNECT MIAMI for Another Year

January 24, 2020
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Two blocks back from where the waves were washing up on Miami Beach, attendees flocked into the halls of the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. A mix of brokers, funders, lawyers, and anyone else attracted to alternative finance made up the crowd of the 2020 outing of deBanked Connect Miami.

They had come for the speakers and talks, the networking opportunities, and, of course, the weather; the first of these being a mix of topics and characters from across the industry. But before the talks could properly kick off, deBanked’s President and Founder Sean Murray took to the stage to welcome attendees and announced the publication’s latest news: the utility of and the administration of two large social media groups, Merchant Cash Advance on Facebook and Merchant Cash Advance Resource on LinkedIn.

Following on from Murray’s introduction, Brian Holloway, former Patriots Offensive Lineman, opened the show with an impassioned speech alongside his son on how to translate your passions and determination into sales maximization, citing the mantra of “Let’s move as the champions move.” A collection of industry figures including United Capital Source’s Jared Weitz, Elevate’s Heather Francis, and alternative finance veteran David Goldin discussed the challenges and changes that businesses are likely to face when making money in 2020 – including what to be aware of when considering syndication and how to build a book. And closing the show were Gunes Kulaligil from Methodical Management alongside Hans Thomas of 10X Capital, who broke down how to accurately value yourself and your company’s worth.

Running throughout these talks, just off from the general session room, the sponsors hall was abuzz with deals and networking. With business cards exchanged, rumors swapped, and trends discussed, the hall served for the day as a focal point for the industry.

And as the sun set on South Beach, the speakers wrapped up and the sponsors wound down their tables. The audience billowed out into the courtyard, where the lasting Miami heat accompanied food, cocktails, and conversation, as deBanked Connect Miami closed for another year.

deBanked CONNECT MIAMI Kicks Off Today

January 16, 2020
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Loews Miami Beach

deBanked’s annual South Florida event, deBanked CONNECT MIAMI, begins today at 1:30pm at The Loews Hotel in Miami Beach. Check-in will take place at the Rotunda on the 2nd level.

This event is SOLD OUT. More than 500 people are registered to attend this year.

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The End Of An Era – deBanked Through The Decade

December 30, 2019
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the end

deBanked estimated that approximately $524 million worth of merchant cash advances had been funded in 2010.

In 2019, merchant cash advances and daily payment small business loan products exceed more than $20 billion a year in originations.

Of An Era


First Funds
Merchant Cash and Capital
Business Financial Services
Greystone Business Resources
Strategic Funding Source
Fast Capital
Sterling Funding


Square Capital
Amazon Lending
Funding Circle USA

Yellowstone Capital
Entrust Cash Advance
Merchants Capital Access
Merchant Resources International
American Finance Solutions
Nations Advance
Bankcard Funding
Rapid Capital Funding
Paramount Merchant Funding

2010 – deBanked Launches as Merchant Processing Resource

debanked in 2010

debanked mpr magazine

2011 – Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

2012 – New Iteration – Kabbage & Amazon Heat Up

debanked mpr 2012

kabbage amazon story 2012


2013 magnet

ETA 2013

2014 – TV, IPO, New Name, LendIt

Not loading? See it here

OnDeck IPO

MPR Now deBanked

2015 – Year Of The Broker

Year Of The Broker

mca map 2015

Pearl Bloomberg


Goldman Sachs

lending club ceo resigns

2017 – The Shakeup


sofi ceo steps down


bond st

paypal swift capital

can capital


2018 – The Rebirth

mcas not usury

2018 funding

2019 – The End Of An Era

christmas lights



1 Week Until deBanked CONNECT MIAMI

December 19, 2019
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View The Agenda Here

Get inspired by Brian Holloway’s Total Market Domination, find out how much your company is worth, and learn how to make the dough from the pros in 2020.

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JAN 16, 2020

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deBanked CONNECT MIAMI Cyber Monday Special!

December 2, 2019
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Broker Fair / Black Friday ONE-DAY ONLY Special Price

November 28, 2019
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Broker Fair 2020

Broker Fair Returns to New York City on May 18, 2020. Take advantage of this special ONE-DAY only discount code and get 29% OFF THE EARLY BIRD PRICE. This incredible deal ends at 11:59pm EST on 11/29/19.

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Brian Holloway, America’s #1 Most Requested Motivational Team Builder, to Speak at deBanked CONNECT Miami

November 13, 2019
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miami beach

Salespeople, are you ready for…

Total Market Domination?!?!

Brian HollowayStanford All-American, 5 time NFL All-Pro, and All-Star front line competitor Brian Holloway will be speaking at deBanked CONNECT Miami on January 16th, two weeks before the Super Bowl takes place just down the road. deBanked CONNECT is taking place at the Loews in South Beach. Last year’s event was completely SOLD OUT.

About Brian Holloway

The New England Patriots made a good decision in choosing Brian Holloway as a first-round draft pick, as he became the 6’7” powerhouse at the core of the 1985 New England Patriots Super Bowl team. In 1986, Brian Holloway was elected by his peers to forge a new direction in NFL policy, becoming the youngest Vice-President of the NFL Player’s Association at age 23. Brian Holloway retired from the NFL in 1992 after eight distinguished seasons with the Patriots and two with the Los Angeles Raiders.

debanked connect miami 2020Today, Brian Holloway is an international motivational speaker and renowned corporate trainer, mobilizing companies and organizations in search of peak productivity, helping them achieve new levels of excellence. He understands how to transform thinking within organizations and challenge the competitive spirit of diverse work teams. His Silicon Valley roots launched him beyond his Hall of Fame career in the NFL to become one of the most requested business intelligence consultants in America.

He has traveled over 10,000,000 miles and been hired by over 279 Fortune 500 Companies, and now entering his 15th year working with Apple. Other clients include; HP, Exxon, Harvard Business School, Wal-Mart, Nike, ESPN, Verizon, Bank of America, Ford, Sprint, Cisco Systems, Honeywell, State Farm, AIG, Reebok, Daimler Chrysler, Best Buy, Wachovia Bank, and more.

Brian Holloway’s stories and case studies are scenes from his own life. Entertaining, motivating and instructional, Brian Holloway uses multi-media technology along with actual NFL game footage to showcase critical points on competitive excellence. These powerful, high-impact presentations have immediate take-home value for everyone — athlete and non-athlete alike.

Register below or visit

Janene Machado Appointed Director of Programs for PCMA’s New York Chapter

November 4, 2019
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Janene Machado, CMP - deBankedDeBanked’s Director of Events, Janene Machado, has been appointed the Director of Programs for Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) New York Chapter. Machado will oversee the Program Committee for a three-year term (January 2020 – December 2022). The Committee is responsible for deciding on the topics, programming, logistics, and speaker invitations for the New York Chapter events.

PCMA, a volunteer driven organization, is the world’s largest, most respected and most recognized network of business events strategists with more than 7,000 members and activities in 30 countries.

Machado has overseen and directed deBanked’s exceptional events including CONNECT and Broker Fair since joining the company in July 2018. The volunteer position with PCMA will be in addition to her continuing to work for deBanked.

Lenders, Leaders, and Las Vegas: Money20/20 Review

November 3, 2019
Article by:

money2020Two things arrived in Las Vegas last month: the first being an unusual dip in local weather, with temperatures dropping to the low forties at times and woolen hats making an appearance; the second being Money20/20.

Now in its seventh year, the conference runs smoothly to the point of being habitual, a trait several attendees mentioned to me when asked how they felt about the 2019 edition.

Running from Sunday the 27thto Wednesday the 30th, each day offered a different focus. The first of these being alternative finance, blockchains, and cryptos. Here, leaders from LendingClub, Kabbage, and OnDeck, among others, took to the stages to discuss issues ranging from strategies in the face of a recession to AI in lending. Running throughout were conversations about where cannabis banking regulation was headed and what can be done to prepare. Of note was Jontae James of NatureTrak, who spoke from the Leadership Lodge Stage, pitching his company as a solution to compliance issues facing lenders who want to work with cannabis companies.

The following days contained a mix of subjects, with Monday featuring many events relating to payments and entrepreneurship; Tuesday being the day for cybersecurity, regulation, and banking; and Wednesday closing the show with various talks on emerging technologies. Among the highlights of these were a talk from David Marcus of Calibra on the currency’s efforts to alter the financial landscape, a discussion on growth in emerging markets from Ant Financial’s Douglas Feagin, and words from BlueVine’s Eyal Lifshitz on the needs of small businesses.

Money2020 stageOutside of the stages where these were held was the main expo hall. Dotted with booths and stands, the narrow pathways that were carved out by these were lined with a mix of businesses.

In overwhelming numbers though were companies offering identity verification services. A growing industry in today’s increasingly online world, their presence dominated the hall, with it being hard to turn around without being offered a pamphlet on the importance of knowing who your customers are and how much it will cost to confirm their existence and authenticity.

And while walking through the hall and stopping at stalls to talk offered pleasant and informative conversation, there was an underlying tenseness to some of the chatting. Perhaps it was the unrelenting air conditioning that caused this? Or the endless stream of coffee available had rattled some nerve endings? Or maybe it was the frequency with which an oncoming recession was referenced in the titles of talks?

Who knows, what is likely though is that if it is the last of these possibilities, in the case of a “looming crisis,” as one event labelled it, what was talked about in Vegas may not stay in Vegas.

Canadian Lenders Summit To Take Place on Nov 20, 2019 in Toronto

November 2, 2019
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The annual Canadian Lenders Summit produced by the Canadian Lenders Association will take place on November 20th in Toronto. Registrants can use promo code: debanked40 for 40% off the ticket price.

Register here

Canadian Lenders Summit

deBanked CONNECT San Diego Is A Hit

November 1, 2019
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San Diego Gaslamp QuarterUnder the California sun, our most recent CONNECT event kicked off last week in San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel. Home to Ron Burgundy, we were a few days too early in the city for any sex panther cologne-infused costumes to make an appearance, although that didn’t stop one attendee donning a money-clad suit.

Beginning in the afternoon, event-goers were able to choose between starting the day with a session from Will Murphy and Josh Feinberg on their Equipment Broker School, a program that aims to arm participants with the knowledge to enter the equipment financing scene; or to dive straight into networking.

Following this, deBanked President and Chief Editor Sean Murray delivered an introductory speech laden with his disappointment in the New York Yankees, a gloom that revealed to him a particular silver lining: “if you’re going to lose, make sure you lose to the best.” Embracing it as a mantra, Murray encouraged brokers to carry out their dealings at the event with this perspective in mind, before expounding on what the future of the industry may hold.

Next up was Justin Thompson, CRO of National Funding, who spoke on the importance of building relationships, providing customers with options, and getting “hooks” into customers in order to plan for your company in the long term. A message that led into the proceeding discussion involving leaders from LoanMe, BFS Capital, and Ocrolus on how businesses are leveraging technology to improve their standing in the market and ensure longevity.

And concluding this panel was a ticket giveaway for the upcoming deBanked Miami event in January, which saw four winners pull a guitar pick from under their seat in a musical chairs-inspired take on Willy Wonka.

Closing out the show were a conversation about California’s unique licensing requirements and what one needs to be aware of when striving for legal compliance; and a series of tech demos showcasing a range of verification software from Truepic, Ocrolus, and Nationwide Management Services.

Left with naught to do but enjoy the rest of the evening, the remainder of the sunshine set on the Hard Rock’s outdoor Woodstock area, where food, drinks, and (mostly) poorly played drums were available to the attendees.

With the atmosphere being breezy and the conversation being comfortable, we left California happy. All that’s really left to say is until next time, you stay classy, San Diego.

LendIt China 2019 is Canceled

October 23, 2019
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shanghaiLendIt Fintech has officially announced that there will be no conference in China this year after 3 long years in the country. A blog post written by LendIt Fintech co-founder Peter Renton explained that calamitous events engulfing the peer-to-peer lending industry there, namely the abundance of fraud, and the government’s waning tolerance, has led them to believe that no lending companies will be interested in speaking, sponsoring or even attending this year.

“We will regroup in 2020 and hopefully will be able to bring our unique event back to China,” Renton wrote.

The decision only applies to their Lang Di Fintech China event. Their US event is scheduled to take place in New York this year on May 13-14 at the Javits Center. That event will be immediately followed by deBanked’s Broker Fair 2020 at the brand new Convene at Brookfield Place on 225 Liberty Street in New York on May 17-18.

Last Call To Book Rooms & Sponsor deBanked CONNECT San Diego

September 21, 2019
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deBanked CONNECT San Diego, which kicks off on October 24th at the Hard Rock Hotel, is fast approaching. Discounted hotel rooms through deBanked’s special link will only remain available until Monday at 5pm. Even if you were planning to book later and pay full price, the hotel has informed us that they are almost entirely sold out of rooms.

Monday is also the last day to become a sponsor of the event. Don’t miss out on this incredible west coast opportunity and call 917-722-0808 or email to register.

Tickets to the event can be purchased HERE. Commercial finance brokers benefit from a reduced entry fee.


Hard Rock Hotel San Diego class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-182322″ />

Win Two FREE Tickets to deBanked CONNECT San Diego

September 12, 2019
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The prize for the one lucky winner of deBanked’s raffle is TWO tickets to deBanked CONNECT San Diego*.

Here’s how to enter:
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San Diego Ticket Giveaway

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deBanked San Diego Sizzle Reel

September 1, 2019
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OCT 24, 2019

Spotlight on deBanked CONNECT Toronto

July 30, 2019
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deBanked CONNECT TorontoAs the heat of the Toronto sun split the stones outside, the crowd inside the Omni King Edward’s seventeenth-floor Crystal Ballroom mingled and munched as part of deBanked’s most recent CONNECT event.

The first of its kind to be held in Toronto, the CONNECT series are half-day events that take place in both San Diego and Miami as well. Despite not being as established as the latter two, Toronto proved just as eventful, with a variety of speakers and topics broached, as well as a host of attendees from differing backgrounds making an appearance. It was par for the course for an inaugural deBanked show with the attendance figures being reminiscent of deBanked’s first ever event in the USA, a market that’s 10x the size.

The day was kicked off by entrepreneur, a dragon on the Canadian Dragons’ Den series, and co-founder of Clearbanc, Michele Romanow, whose anecdotes detailed the adventures that accompany the beginning of a startup. Regaling the audience with the story of Evandale Caviar, Romanow began with telling the room of a post-college venture that saw her working tooth and nail to secure a fishing license, studying YouTube fish gutting tutorials that were exclusively in Russian, and getting her hands dirty with the other co-founders when the time came to put their time spent online to use.

Michele Romanow ClearbancBut it wasn’t all blood and glory for Romanow, as the tale shifted from one of youthful expansion to one of reflection and acceptance of the unknown. Speaking on the effect of tech giants in various fields, Romanow explained that “we have no idea of how these industries will shape out.” The likes of Uber and AirBnb never planned change the world, just to change a product and thus solve a problem, and their meteoric rises are unpredictable as a result. Iteration, rather than innovation, is what drives a company forward according to Romanow.

And this sentiment was brought further along with the following panel, which featured Vlad Sherbatov of Smarter Loans, Paul Pitcher of SharpShooter Funding, and SEO expert Paul Teitelman, speaking on the trials and novelties of the sales and marketing scene. Offering wisdom on various aspects of the field, the three men covered the need to go beyond the traditional forms of advertising, instead looking outward towards unorthodox methods of marketing; the hardships that come with the grind of a sales job; and the role that SEO can play when raising public awareness of your company; respectively.

Vlad Sherbatov Smarter Loans“It’s a matter of spreading the word,” one conference goer noted when asked about the sales panel afterwards. “Businesses have to know who we are, and we’re working on that.”

Similarly, Martin Fingerhut and Adam Atlas discussed the existing legal topics of note to Canadian alternative financing companies, as well as those incoming rulings that may be worth knowing about. Covering both the English-speaking provinces and Quebec, the duo gave a comprehensive crash course on the legal landscape of the industry, highlighting laws unique to the regions. Aaron Iannello of Top Funding considered the talk to be particularly engaging, commending it for relaying information that might otherwise be unknown to American companies.

Kevin Clark and Robert Gloer - Lendified and IOU FinancialFollowing this, Kevin Clark, President of Lendified, took to the stage to talk about the importance of the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA). Saying that in the absence of a regulatory body, the CLA seeks to offer guidance to those companies who are looking for it. Clark asserted that “it’s a good thing for our industry to have oversight from a regularly body,” and that he looks forward to the day when one is established.

And before wrapping up the speakers for the day, Clark was joined by IOU Financial’s President, Robert Gloer, to discuss contemporary risk management. Covering everything from the next recession to the emergence of AI, the pair, which accumulatively have been in the industry for decades, offered knowledge learnt from years of experience in both the pre- and post-crash eras.

deBanked CONNECT Toronto Audience Pic

And the prophesizing of what will be the next big episode to shake the industry continued beyond the day’s scheduled agenda as many attendees continued on well into the evening at smaller networking functions offsite.

As the sun started to touchdown on the tips of Toronto’s skyscrapers, the salvo of excited conversation briefly harmonized to produce a singular axiom, that there was an abundance of opportunity in Canada.

Toronto Skyline

deBanked CONNECT Toronto Photos

July 27, 2019
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Canadian Lenders Association to Host Open Banking Summit on July 10th

June 27, 2019
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The Canadian Lenders Association will be hosting its Open Banking Summit on July 10th at Dentons Toronto. It begins at 8am and ends at 11am. This is the third in their event series, and will tackle topics in Open Banking and Big Data in Canada. They will discuss how the industry can best work toward an open data economy in Canada. Join the amazing panel of industry leaders.

The total cost to attend is CA$79.08. You can register here.

Open Banking Summit

Open Banking Summit