Updates On Several Industry Court Cases

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Curious to know the status of industry court cases we’ve reported on? Here’s an update on several:

Case When filed Where pending Status
Yellowstone Capital LLC and EBF Partners, LLC v. Corporate Bailout, LLC, Mark D. Guidubaldi & Associates, LLC dba Protection Legal Group, PLG Servicing, LLC, American Funding Group, Coast to Coast Funding, LLC, ROC Funding Group, LLC, ROC South LLC, and Mark Mancino. 9/27/17 New York State Supreme Court Complaint filed. No anwswer filed yet
Sean Pullen, Christina Cane, Michael Cane, Michael Carrera, Matthew Taylor, and Yulia Zamaora v Social Finance, Inc. and Does 1-50 8/14/17 Superior Court of California SoFi filed an answer to the complaint on 9/15
Craig Cunningham v. Mark D. Guidubaldi & Associates, LLC dba Protection Legal Group, and Corporate Bailout, LLC, Sanford J. Feder Esq, Mark D. Guidubaldi, Esq, Cashflow Care, LLC 5/10/17 Northern District of Texas Motion for default judgment filed against Corporate Bailout on 9/12/17. Defendant never responded
Natures Market Corp v. Creditors Relief 4/28/17 New York State Supreme Court Creditors Relief’s motion to dismiss and sanctions are still pending
Pearl Gamma Funding, LLC and Pearl Beta Funding, LLC v. Creditors Relief, LLC 11/16/16 New York State Supreme Court Pearl has moved to dismiss Creditors Relief’s counterclaims
United States v. Sergiy Bezrukov 10/26/16 Western District of New York The criminal indictment was amended on 8/3/17 to add more charges. Bezrukov is facing up to 30 years in prison
Ronald Bethune, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. Lendingclub Corporation;WebBank, Steel Partners Holdings, L.P.; The Lending Club Members Trust; and does 1 through 10, inclusive 4/6/16 Southern District of New York The judge granted the defendants motion to compel arbitration on Jan 30, 2017
Kalamata Capital LLC v. Biz2Credit, Inc. and Itria Ventures, LLC 12/8/14 New York State Supreme Court Kalamata plans to amend the complaint and the Court is scheduled to decide on the debate over whether certain documents should be sealed from public view
Federal Trade Commission v. AMG Services, Inc., et al. 4/2/12 District of Nevada $1.3 billion judgment entered. Company owner Scott Tucker is also currently being tried criminally in the Southern District of New York for ill-gotten profits related to his payday lending empire. The jury is expected to decide the outcome this month
Last modified: October 4, 2017

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