‘Debt Relief’ Company is Allegedly Robo-dialing Out Of Control

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phoneA lawsuit brought by famous serial TCPA plaintiff Craig Cunningham against defendants who allegedly robo-dial with offers for small business debt relief services, has a new twist, according to recent court records. That is that the defendants allegedly continue to robo-dial Cunningham despite having been served with the suit from him. All told, Cunningham says he has received at least 105 automated calls for the defendants’ business debt relief services despite the fact that he doesn’t even own a business.

Cunningham filed an amended complaint that also added new defendants alongside Mark D. Guidubaldi, Corporate Bailout and Protection Legal Group. They include Sanford J. Feder and Cashflow Care, LLC.

Cunningham was one of several TCPA litigants referenced in a featured story deBanked published about TCPA lawsuits last October.

Protection Legal Group, meanwhile, was cited in another brief where a small business owner sued them for allegedly not providing the debt relief services promised. According to the docket, Protection Legal Group has yet to file an answer to it.

Debt relief and debt settlement services have become a booming business as of late, but it’s a risky endeavor. Earlier this year, four individuals were arrested when they did not actually attempt to negotiate the MCAs or business loans they were paid to assist with. One of those arrested is still in prison awaiting trial. He is facing a maximum of 30 years.

Last modified: September 6, 2018
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