Amos Weinberg and Creditors Relief Are Battling it Out

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A lawsuit filed by a small business against Creditors Relief in April has gone off the rails, according to court documents. Creditors Relief has sought to dismiss the case that attorney Amos Weinberg brought on behalf of a Deli in New York that alleged among other things, that Creditors Relief practiced law without a license and reneged on a contract to settle its debts.

While both sides were disputing the facts, Weinberg suddenly withdrew the complaint on September 1st, a move which did not actually bring the matter to a resolution. Instead, Creditors Relief has still asked the court to dismiss the case with prejudice and to sanction Amos Weinberg for the frivolous pleading in the first place. In its papers, Creditors Relief argues that the lawsuit was brought primarily to harass Creditors Relief and its owner Michael Lupolover and that the complaint asserted material factual statements that were false.

Across the docket, Weinberg attached documents that exposed Lupolover’s previous snafu with a federal regulator while Creditors Relief later filed an exhibit showing that Weinberg had been sanctioned in another lawsuit.

The case is still active with the motion to dismiss and sanction still pending in the New York Supreme Court under index number: 56406/2017 Natures Market Corp v. Creditors Relief LLC

Last modified: September 8, 2017

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