Fund Merchants, Create Jobs

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OnDeck Capital CEO Noah Breslow was on Bloomberg TV Thursday. In a way, he’s become the unofficial spokesman for all daily funders, companies of all shapes and sizes that deal in daily payments rather than monthly. Breslow was forthcoming about the high annualized costs of their loans but mentioned they’ve come down significantly from when they first started 7 years ago.

Perhaps the best takeaway in this 2 minute, 46 second clip is the mention of creating 22,000 jobs.

Are the loans expensive? Yes. Can a lot of good still come from them? Absolutely.

Great work. I think other companies in the industry should follow suit and conduct similar economic surveys. DailyFunder is currently running one of their own that’s geared towards alternative business lending and merchant cash advance professionals. You can take that anonymous 2 minute survey here.

Last modified: April 20, 2019
Sean Murray

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