Initial Coin Offerings

Lights, Camera, Crypto-Transaction – How a Lending Journalist Raised Millions to Build Magic Lamps Through the Murky World of Initial Coin Offerings

November 15, 2017

Magic Lamp

This past July, the winner of the Best Journalist Coverage category at the 2017 LendIt Conference Awards, announced that he would be stepping outside of his journalistic endeavors to raise money for a futuristic lamp company. The product, dubbed Lampix, is described as a lamp with a projector, a camera, specifically placed light-emitting diodes (LEDs), […]

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Online Lender Pave Returns As Decentralized Credit Bureau

October 11, 2017
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Online lender Pave, which stopped making loans in June, is coming back as a decentralized credit bureau, according to their website. “One of the key benefits of Pave’s new product is the decentralized and encrypted storage of individuals’ financial data in the blockchain,” a Pave press release published on Tuesday said. Pave also plans to […]

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