Pave Stops Lending

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Pave, an online lender that came on the scene several years ago by marketing fair funding to millennials, is no longer lending, according to their website.

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American Banker reported that the company stopped making new loans earlier this month and was exploring strategic options.

Like many several online lenders of their time, Pave touted innovative underwriting beyond just FICO scores. “We start by reviewing the individual’s credit score and history, then incorporate additional factors like use of funds, work history, current employment, education and future earning potential,” Their website says. “This gives us plenty of opportunities to recognize how financially responsible a person can be, and it’s how we can give the lowest possible rate.”

To be eligible, applicants had to either have an income, a job offer, or plans to attend a school course.

In 2015, Pave announced that a consortium of lenders led by New York-based Seer Capital had agreed to invest up to $300 million in their loans.

Last modified: October 10, 2017

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