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06/07/2018US Business Funding will keep their name
06/05/2018Fora acquires stake in US Business Funding

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Interview with Peter Ribeiro, US Business Funding - With deBanked


Peter Ribeiro, CEO of US Business Funding – Talks About Experience and Success in 2020

September 17, 2020
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I recently caught up with Peter Ribeiro, CEO of US Business Funding, based in Santa Ana, California. US Business Funding is quite well known on social media for their company culture.

I asked Ribeiro about what 2020 has been like as a broker in this wild year of 2020 and you can watch it in full below:

US Business Funding Will Retain Name & Special Sauce in Wake of Fora Deal

June 8, 2018
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Fora Financial’s announcement yesterday that it acquired a sizable stake in US Business Funding (USBF) will create one of the “largest, broadest reaching direct sales organizations in the small business alternative lending space,” the company said in a statement.

USBF is a direct sales and marketing company of about 40 to 50 people. Fora Financial founder and CEO told deBanked that his company started working with USBF to obtain leads two years ago and that this acquisition has been in the works for between 12 to 18 months.   

Jared FeldmanJared Feldman, CEO, Fora Financial

“We were looking for a team that does direct sales and marketing that complements what we do,” Feldman said. “And they’re one of the best at [direct marketing] in the business.”

USBF is based in Santa Ana, CA, and has connected customers to financing since 2008, with an emphasis originally on equipment financing. In 2012, they started facilitating working capital deals and that now makes up 85 percent of the company’s business, according to its CEO Peter Ribeiro.

They provide financing solutions ranging from $10,000 to $10 million. Fora Financial, also established in 2008, is a New York-based funding company that funds MCA deals and provides small business loans up to $500,000.

Consistent with yesterday’s announcement, Feldman said that with Fora Financial and USBF combined, they will likely originate $400 million year. Feldman told deBanked today that, of this amount, about $300 million should come from direct sales.

“We’re more heavily weighted towards direct sales,” Feldman said.

Formerly a company of 100, the new entity will now include about 150 employees and will share resources like capital, technology and access to help with compliance, Feldman said. USBF will retain its name, location and all of its employees.

“We wouldn’t have done this deal unless Peter [USBF founder and CEO] and his team agreed to stay on,” Feldman said. “They have a fantastic brand and we want to avoid getting in their way. We just want to help them to continue doing what they do.”

Feldman said that while USBF will retain its name, “we’re now a combined entity with an east and west coast operation.”

Fora Financial acquired USBF because it did something unique, and Feldman said that Fora is looking for opportunities to acquire other companies that do uniques things in the financing space.


$400M A Year: Fora Financial / US Business Funding Deal to Make Fora an Originations Leader

June 5, 2018
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Dan Smith, Jared Feldman of Fora FinancialFora Financial’s newly acquired stake (a significant one) in US Business Funding will put them on track to originate $400 million a year, the company said. Those numbers will place them on the list with industry titans like BFS Capital, Strategic Funding and National Funding.

The co-founders of Fora were previously featured on deBanked’s Jan/Feb 2016 magazine issue.

US Business Funding (USBF), who is based in Santa Ana, CA facilitates different financing products for small businesses including vendor programs, capital equipment loans, and leasing solutions.

“This is an exciting time for all of us at US Business Funding,” said USBF CEO Peter Ribeiro in a published statement. “We have rapidly built one of the top sales organizations in the industry, and now we have the opportunity to leverage the expertise and resources of Fora Financial to fuel our growth even further. Jared and Dan have established Fora Financial as one of the top lenders in the space, and we are motivated to build on our terrific relationship with them to create even more opportunities for our companies to succeed.”

Staying Vigilant in the Funding Business

April 15, 2024
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There’s a lot of funny business going on these days, so here are some things for you and your merchants to look out for:

The LOC Bait and Switch
A scammer offers the customer an impossibly good deal on a line of credit that is contingent on first entering into some other product. After the customer enters into the first transaction, the LOC offer and the scammer disappear. If your customer is susceptible to falling for something like this, make sure to advise them ahead of time accordingly.

The Mystery Funder
Despite a customer claiming to work exclusively with you as a broker, at some point a third party mysteriously enters the process and offers a separate deal to them to compete with you. Although there could be many reasons for this happening both legitimate or otherwise, including the customer not being completely forthright about exclusivity, you should communicate with your customer beforehand about who or who not to expect a communication from. Also, there are methods you can use to mitigate this by plugging up common attack vectors like an email address or phone # on a submitted application. Allow an attorney to guide you on how to do this most effectively and legally.

The Debt Advisor
Beware the debt advisor who claims they are there to help a merchant reduce the obligations of their loans or advances as many do not understand the contracts they claim to advise on. Because of this, they can potentially push a customer into a much worse situation than they otherwise might’ve been in. A merchant’s best bet is to communicate directly with the source of capital on their own. Oftentimes a contract spells out the proper protocol to follow depending on what the situation is.

They got hot full packs for sale including bank statements, social security #s, and other data ready to send your way! Before engaging in any such transaction, please consult with an attorney about the potential implications of doing something like this. Same goes for you if you were thinking about “selling your declines.”

The Ghost
Brokers often complain about customers falling for obvious scams over the phone, including the classic LOC scam, however, brokers can be just as susceptible to the same tactics. Before working with any lender or funder, you should conduct a full range of due diligence on them. This includes investigating their precise address, who the owner is, what their background is, what their ISO contract says, what their merchant contract says, etc. Too often brokers are drawn in by a commission they believe they stand to make and a smooth talking biz dev rep they talked to on the phone and skip over all the fundamentals. If the funder turns out to be a scammer, then you’ve potentially placed customers with that scammer and put yourself doubly at risk. A commission isn’t worth waiving due diligence. The stakes are too high for this industry. Sells for $44,000

February 12, 2024
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businesslending.comThe world of domain name investors called out a big sale that took place on GoDaddy over the weekend. The domain is and it reportedly sold for $44,000, according to Namebio which tracks sales when data is available. The whois information does not reveal who the buyer is at this time.

Other potentially high value domain names in the small business finance industry include and, each of which are standalone businesses.

Meanwhile: was sold for $3 million 24 years ago and today redirects to the homepage of Bank of America. belongs to Business Lenders, LLC, which has since ceased its lending operations. redirects to a bio page for a big real estate broker. redirects to Circadian Funding’s website. redirects to Lighter Capital’s website. is a page that hasn’t been set up yet. doesn’t resolve.

How important is a domain name to a business? Important enough that a business can hardly afford to lose one. And did you hear about the first domain name to ever be used as loan collateral over the blockchain? It just happened recently!

Expansion Capital Group Announces $1 Billion Funding Milestone — Supporting the Expansion of U.S. Small Businesses

December 13, 2023
Article by:
Expansion Capital Group
Expansion Capital Group’s Executive Leadership Team
L-R: Herk Christie, Chief Operating Officer; Brittney Newell, Chief Financial Officer; Vincent Ney, Chief Executive Officer;
Tim Mages, Chief Strategy Officer; Mike Beattie, Chief Technology Officer

Photo Credit: Reistroffer Design

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTAExpansion Capital Group, LLC (“ECG”) is pleased to announce its billionth dollar in funding, reinforcing its mission to support the “Expansion” of America’s Small Businesses with simple and efficient capital. Since inception in 2013, ECG has provided services to over 20,000 small businesses across multiple industries nationwide. ECG’s core solution, a six to 11 month working capital product, meets the needs of small business owners that are not in a position to wait for a traditional bank loan.

Tim Mages, Chief Strategy Officer of ECG said, “The ECG team is proud of its efforts to fulfill the capital needs of small business owners. Capital challenges have been magnified since COVID and the recent muted lending environment by regional and community banks. During the last three years, inflationary pressures have negatively impacted many hardworking small business owners. ECG has continued to be a reliable partner and a key resource as business owners navigate these headwinds.”

He continued, “In the last two years, we’ve seen accelerated growth of our platform. This growth is being driven by two key factors. First, our industry-leading Partner Portal is designed to create a transparent and seamless process for our referral partners. Second, investments in new technology and data sources have positioned ECG to provide underwritten approvals in less than an hour. These innovations would not have been possible without the trust of our valued customers and dedication of our 85+ team members.”

ECG’s Chief Operating Officer, Herk Christie, said, “Paramount to our success is the support from our referral partners. Since inception, we’ve also seen over one million applications from small business owners. Our financing alternatives provide business owners with more options and availability, so they can successfully execute their business objectives.”

As an on-balance sheet working capital provider, ECG is committed to providing customized solutions for small businesses. ECG works directly with small business owners and with hundreds of referral partners who are trying to meet their clients needs. ECG utilizes proprietary data, analytics, and systems to provide access and capital in a timely manner. Its robust underwriting models and flexible Partner Portal platform allows business owners to compare options and select a product that fits their needs.

Brittney Newell, ECG’s Chief Financial Officer added, “We hope to continue this growth in the coming years and appreciate the support of our long-time capital provider Bastion Management. As many market participants have tightened lending standards throughout 2023, ECG is committed to continuing to meet the increased demand for our services and offerings.”

PR Contact:


Expansion Capital Group is headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD and operates as a technology-driven specialty lender harnessing data and analytics to offer tailor-made solutions for small business enterprises. The company primarily serves small businesses across the United States with annual revenues of less than $10 million. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recent ECG News

Sioux Falls Business Journal: Fast but careful money: Sioux Falls firm offers new kind of capital

Inc. 5000: Financial services firm partnering with small business owners to provide working capital solutions with speed, simplicity and service.

Small Business Funding Companies Showcase Phenomenal Growth

August 15, 2023
Article by:

The annual Inc 5000 list is out again and with it some big reveals about who in the industry is taking off like a rocket. We’ve pulled out some of the relevant names for you below!

#30 – B2 Capital Solution Provider – Miami, FL – 10,446% growth over 3 years

#38 – Novo – Miami, FL – 9,906%

#76 – Byzfunder – New York, NY – 6,228%

#89 – Valiant Capital – Houston, TX – 5,223%

#157 – Ampla – New York, NY – 3,404%

#180 – LeasePoint Funding Group – Austin, TX – 2920%

#192 – Backd – Austin, TX – 2,819%

#269 – Percent – New York, NY – 2,087%

#1383 – eCapital – Aventura, FL – 422%

#1617 – North Mill Equipment Finance – Norwalk, CT- 354%

#1622 – Oakmont Capital Services – Westchester, PA – 346%

#1837 – Nav Technologies – Draper, UT – 305%

#1942 – Crestmont Capital – Irvine, CA – 289%

#2026 – 7 Figures Funding – American Fork, UT – 277%

#2593 – SBG Funding – New York, NY – 210%

#2929 – 1West – New York, NY – 179%

#2947 – ApplePie Capital – San Francisco, CA – 178%

#3145 – Channel – Minnetonka, MN – 164%

#3737 – Direct Funding Now, Irvine, CA – 128%

#4085 – Smarter Equipment Finance – Las Vegas, NV – 111%

#4094 – iAdvance Now. – Uniondale, NY – 111%

#4651 – Expansion Capital Group – Sioux Falls, SD – 87%

If we missed you, let us know, email

Turning Businesses into Funding Warriors

July 27, 2022
Article by:

business warriorsThe downside to offering any small business a loan to grow is that they might not necessarily know how to do the growing part. And so for years, that’s what a Tempe, AZ headquartered company called Business Warrior had been focused on, helping small businesses grow and become more profitable. If businesses needed funding, Business Warrior could certainly provide that too, but the key was in maximizing the value of that.

It all seemed a swell fit until the company became further intrigued by the value proposition of one of its vendors, Alchemy, an “embedded finance” company headquartered in nearby California. deBanked had interviewed Alchemy CEO Timothy Li via Zoom back in August 2020 and the tech company had only grown since then. After reconnecting in April of this year, Li described Alchemy as the “Salesforce of embedded finance.”

Embedded Finance sounds altogether buzz-wordy, but Business Warrior smelled opportunity. In June, Business Warrior announced that it had acquired Alchemy. Since then, Alchemy’s Li has become a warrior and he is working hard to roll out Business Warrior’s next generation of products.

Among the first on the horizon is an Alchemy specialty, giving small businesses the tools to become lenders themselves. It sounds like Buy-Now-Pay-Later, and to an extent it is, but the difference is that a furniture store, doctor’s office, or repair shop would be the one extending the credit, not a faceless third party on Wall Street hoping to win big.

Li explained the advantage of this by using a doctor’s office as an example. “So the creditors, the banks, don’t understand [the customer] just from reading the credit report, but the doctors understand them, they’re local people, they might have seen this patient before,” said Li. “Now [that patient] wants to do a $10,000 procedure and nobody under the sun will underwrite them.” When this happens, the doctor’s office might try to arrange some type of private financing arrangement, “but they don’t have the software to do it,” Li stated.

Business WarriorBusiness Warrior’s software solves this. The platform will be free for the business and Business Warrior will process the customer payments, which is where they’ll earn their revenue, on transactions fees.

In one respect it reduces two risks for the business: (a) A third party BNPL lender dictating future approval, supply, and cost of financing, and (b) credit card companies cutting the lines of their customers that they would otherwise normally use to pay for services. The downside, so to speak, is that the business itself is tasked with being its customers’ creditor.

But ultimately, just like BNPL, such a service is likely to lead to a boost in sales, which is what Business Warrior’s mission had always been from the start.

“This tool is a tool for the small business to do more business,” Li said.

The Alchemy name will remain as far as Li knows, because they still have a lot of customers using its original products. Day to day now, Alchemy is also working with Helix House, an online marketing company that Business Warrior also acquired. They’re all leveraging each other’s resources.

Li concluded the interview by sharing a recent real world experience, he himself going to a dental office to get some work done.

“They have every single imaginable technology, schedule appointments, all the tech,” he said. “They don’t have something that manages payments. It’s either a credit card, cash, or it’s nothing.”

Referring to the financing capabilities that Business Warrior can bring to the table in those very circumstances, “I feel like it should have been there already.”

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