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06/07/2018US Business Funding will keep their name
06/05/2018Fora acquires stake in US Business Funding

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Interview with Peter Ribeiro, US Business Funding - With deBanked


Peter Ribeiro, CEO of US Business Funding – Talks About Experience and Success in 2020

September 17, 2020
Article by:

I recently caught up with Peter Ribeiro, CEO of US Business Funding, based in Santa Ana, California. US Business Funding is quite well known on social media for their company culture.

I asked Ribeiro about what 2020 has been like as a broker in this wild year of 2020 and you can watch it in full below:

US Business Funding Will Retain Name & Special Sauce in Wake of Fora Deal

June 8, 2018
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Fora Financial’s announcement yesterday that it acquired a sizable stake in US Business Funding (USBF) will create one of the “largest, broadest reaching direct sales organizations in the small business alternative lending space,” the company said in a statement.

USBF is a direct sales and marketing company of about 40 to 50 people. Fora Financial founder and CEO told deBanked that his company started working with USBF to obtain leads two years ago and that this acquisition has been in the works for between 12 to 18 months.   

Jared FeldmanJared Feldman, CEO, Fora Financial

“We were looking for a team that does direct sales and marketing that complements what we do,” Feldman said. “And they’re one of the best at [direct marketing] in the business.”

USBF is based in Santa Ana, CA, and has connected customers to financing since 2008, with an emphasis originally on equipment financing. In 2012, they started facilitating working capital deals and that now makes up 85 percent of the company’s business, according to its CEO Peter Ribeiro.

They provide financing solutions ranging from $10,000 to $10 million. Fora Financial, also established in 2008, is a New York-based funding company that funds MCA deals and provides small business loans up to $500,000.

Consistent with yesterday’s announcement, Feldman said that with Fora Financial and USBF combined, they will likely originate $400 million year. Feldman told deBanked today that, of this amount, about $300 million should come from direct sales.

“We’re more heavily weighted towards direct sales,” Feldman said.

Formerly a company of 100, the new entity will now include about 150 employees and will share resources like capital, technology and access to help with compliance, Feldman said. USBF will retain its name, location and all of its employees.

“We wouldn’t have done this deal unless Peter [USBF founder and CEO] and his team agreed to stay on,” Feldman said. “They have a fantastic brand and we want to avoid getting in their way. We just want to help them to continue doing what they do.”

Feldman said that while USBF will retain its name, “we’re now a combined entity with an east and west coast operation.”

Fora Financial acquired USBF because it did something unique, and Feldman said that Fora is looking for opportunities to acquire other companies that do uniques things in the financing space.


$400M A Year: Fora Financial / US Business Funding Deal to Make Fora an Originations Leader

June 5, 2018
Article by:

Dan Smith, Jared Feldman of Fora FinancialFora Financial’s newly acquired stake (a significant one) in US Business Funding will put them on track to originate $400 million a year, the company said. Those numbers will place them on the list with industry titans like BFS Capital, Strategic Funding and National Funding.

The co-founders of Fora were previously featured on deBanked’s Jan/Feb 2016 magazine issue.

US Business Funding (USBF), who is based in Santa Ana, CA facilitates different financing products for small businesses including vendor programs, capital equipment loans, and leasing solutions.

“This is an exciting time for all of us at US Business Funding,” said USBF CEO Peter Ribeiro in a published statement. “We have rapidly built one of the top sales organizations in the industry, and now we have the opportunity to leverage the expertise and resources of Fora Financial to fuel our growth even further. Jared and Dan have established Fora Financial as one of the top lenders in the space, and we are motivated to build on our terrific relationship with them to create even more opportunities for our companies to succeed.”

Small Business Funding Companies Showcase Phenomenal Growth

August 15, 2023
Article by:

The annual Inc 5000 list is out again and with it some big reveals about who in the industry is taking off like a rocket. We’ve pulled out some of the relevant names for you below!

#30 – B2 Capital Solution Provider – Miami, FL – 10,446% growth over 3 years

#38 – Novo – Miami, FL – 9,906%

#76 – Byzfunder – New York, NY – 6,228%

#89 – Valiant Capital – Houston, TX – 5,223%

#157 – Ampla – New York, NY – 3,404%

#180 – LeasePoint Funding Group – Austin, TX – 2920%

#192 – Backd – Austin, TX – 2,819%

#269 – Percent – New York, NY – 2,087%

#1383 – eCapital – Aventura, FL – 422%

#1617 – North Mill Equipment Finance – Norwalk, CT- 354%

#1622 – Oakmont Capital Services – Westchester, PA – 346%

#1837 – Nav Technologies – Draper, UT – 305%

#1942 – Crestmont Capital – Irvine, CA – 289%

#2026 – 7 Figures Funding – American Fork, UT – 277%

#2593 – SBG Funding – New York, NY – 210%

#2929 – 1West – New York, NY – 179%

#2947 – ApplePie Capital – San Francisco, CA – 178%

#3145 – Channel – Minnetonka, MN – 164%

#3737 – Direct Funding Now, Irvine, CA – 128%

#4085 – Smarter Equipment Finance – Las Vegas, NV – 111%

#4094 – iAdvance Now. – Uniondale, NY – 111%

#4651 – Expansion Capital Group – Sioux Falls, SD – 87%

If we missed you, let us know, email

Turning Businesses into Funding Warriors

July 27, 2022
Article by:

business warriorsThe downside to offering any small business a loan to grow is that they might not necessarily know how to do the growing part. And so for years, that’s what a Tempe, AZ headquartered company called Business Warrior had been focused on, helping small businesses grow and become more profitable. If businesses needed funding, Business Warrior could certainly provide that too, but the key was in maximizing the value of that.

It all seemed a swell fit until the company became further intrigued by the value proposition of one of its vendors, Alchemy, an “embedded finance” company headquartered in nearby California. deBanked had interviewed Alchemy CEO Timothy Li via Zoom back in August 2020 and the tech company had only grown since then. After reconnecting in April of this year, Li described Alchemy as the “Salesforce of embedded finance.”

Embedded Finance sounds altogether buzz-wordy, but Business Warrior smelled opportunity. In June, Business Warrior announced that it had acquired Alchemy. Since then, Alchemy’s Li has become a warrior and he is working hard to roll out Business Warrior’s next generation of products.

Among the first on the horizon is an Alchemy specialty, giving small businesses the tools to become lenders themselves. It sounds like Buy-Now-Pay-Later, and to an extent it is, but the difference is that a furniture store, doctor’s office, or repair shop would be the one extending the credit, not a faceless third party on Wall Street hoping to win big.

Li explained the advantage of this by using a doctor’s office as an example. “So the creditors, the banks, don’t understand [the customer] just from reading the credit report, but the doctors understand them, they’re local people, they might have seen this patient before,” said Li. “Now [that patient] wants to do a $10,000 procedure and nobody under the sun will underwrite them.” When this happens, the doctor’s office might try to arrange some type of private financing arrangement, “but they don’t have the software to do it,” Li stated.

Business WarriorBusiness Warrior’s software solves this. The platform will be free for the business and Business Warrior will process the customer payments, which is where they’ll earn their revenue, on transactions fees.

In one respect it reduces two risks for the business: (a) A third party BNPL lender dictating future approval, supply, and cost of financing, and (b) credit card companies cutting the lines of their customers that they would otherwise normally use to pay for services. The downside, so to speak, is that the business itself is tasked with being its customers’ creditor.

But ultimately, just like BNPL, such a service is likely to lead to a boost in sales, which is what Business Warrior’s mission had always been from the start.

“This tool is a tool for the small business to do more business,” Li said.

The Alchemy name will remain as far as Li knows, because they still have a lot of customers using its original products. Day to day now, Alchemy is also working with Helix House, an online marketing company that Business Warrior also acquired. They’re all leveraging each other’s resources.

Li concluded the interview by sharing a recent real world experience, he himself going to a dental office to get some work done.

“They have every single imaginable technology, schedule appointments, all the tech,” he said. “They don’t have something that manages payments. It’s either a credit card, cash, or it’s nothing.”

Referring to the financing capabilities that Business Warrior can bring to the table in those very circumstances, “I feel like it should have been there already.”

The Real Small Business Funding Demand Has Yet to Kick In

May 26, 2022
Article by:

Now that small and medium sized businesses received crucial PPP and EIDL funding during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have become more familiar with other options to obtain capital.

“…they’re learning that they can borrow money based on their revenue, not based on their credit and assets,” stated Sean Feighan, Co-founder and President of Cash Buoy. Feighan explained that the exercise of obtaining capital during Covid to stay in business created or further developed an appetite for small businesses to borrow money in general.

As these businesses are still utilizing the remaining government aid, the real demand has not truly begun, according to Dylan J Howell, CEO of Liquidibee. “…we have yet to see the real big demand that’s about to kick in, in my opinion, over the next six to twelve months, I believe that a lot more demand will come in,” Howell said. “A lot of companies received a good injection of government stimulus. And they’ve enjoyed that over the last year, year and a half. And as that comes to an end, companies are always looking for additional capital, whether it be to grow or foster future growth of their company.”

“I think we’re beginning now to see a new phase within small business,” said Avi Wernick, VP of Partnerships at FinTap. Because of the money that’s still lingering from the stimulus efforts, he thinks that alternative finance companies will soon see more demand in the coming months. But at the same time, those finance companies will have to determine if they’re even a good fit for their products. “I think some businesses will be more adversely affected. I think it depends a lot on the nature of the business owners, you know there are better business owners out there that are able to manage [their] finances more responsibly, and there are others that are kind of just more reactive.”

Erez Stamler, CEO and Managing Director of Fresh Funding, echoed a similar sentiment. He said that increased risk factors of a business coming out of Covid can make it harder to get them approved. Besides, a business now predisposed to forgivable funding or ultra long terms at very low interest may not necessarily demand other products in the market.

“So you will see demand, but you might not see increased amount of views or volume of deals, because you can’t replace SBA loans with MCA,” Stamler said.

Shopify Capital Originated $346.7M in Business Funding in Q1

May 8, 2022
Article by:

shopify glyphShopify Capital originated $346.7M in MCAs and business loans in Q1, the company announced. That included merchants in the US, UK, and Canada. Though it was a 12% increase over the same period last year, the figure puts them virtually on par with originations in 2021 if the following three quarters hold steady.

Shopify was one of the only online lenders whose origination volume substantially increased during covid. Most experienced significant drops but have since dramatically recovered.

“The hundreds of thousands of businesses that shifted their business to Shopify during the pandemic and stayed with us since can now take advantage of our powerful retail point-of-sale offering for a unified view of their sales online and offline,” said Shopify CEO Harley Finkelstein during the Q1 earnings call. “Shopify has been developing the world’s best point-of-sale retail software for years, and it’s now at the point where all merchants who came to Shopify during the pandemic can leverage it.”

Seacoast Business Funding Provides $14,500,000 in New Working Capital Lines

March 7, 2022
Article by:

seacoast business fundingBoynton Beach, FL – March 4, 2022 – Seacoast Business Funding, secured $14,500,000 in accounts receivable facilities. The transactions added three new companies to the Seacoast portfolio.

  • A $10,000,000 asset-based facility with A/R and Inventory, was provided to a sports medicine and therapeutic product manufacturer located in the Southeast. The Company will utilize the proceeds to increase its product line to existing retail supply chain as well as expand into medical supplies.
  • A $2,500,000 factoring facility for an electrical supply distributor located in the Southeast. Increased demand as well as shipping delays has resulted in the need for an increased working capital line.
  • A $2,000,000 ledgered invoice LOC for a software & hardware manufacturer. The Company was seeking to establish a reliable working capital partner to support demand and the expansion of a business line.

President of Seacoast Business Funding, Jay Atkins, commented, “We understand the financial needs affecting manufacturing and distribution industries in the current environment, and our ability to move quickly ensures our clients the structure needed to continue without disruption. We met the needs of our clients by providing flexible and sustainable solutions, placing them in a position to maintain momentum and mitigate operational instability.”

About Seacoast Business Funding

Seacoast Business Funding provides customized and timely working capital financing solutions to small and middle-market companies engaged mainly in business services, distribution, manufacturing and staffing with annual sales ranging from $1 million to $200 million. Credit facilities are in the form of Factoring, Invoice Purchasing or Asset-Based agreements. Seacoast Business Funding is a Division of Seacoast National Bank. Member FDIC. For more information visit


Media Contact:
Brooke Ruben
Seacoast Business Funding

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