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SOS Capital Offers Super Bowl Tickets As Part of Charity-Driven Football Contest

September 10, 2017
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sos capital footballThink you’re good at NFL predictions? SOS Capital is offering anyone the chance to win Super Bowl tickets in their football eliminator contest. The entry fee is a $100 donation to the JJ Watt Foundation to support Hurricane Harvey flood relief in Houston, TX.

Pool Details:

  • $100 Donation Entry Fee
  • Winner Receives 2 Super Bowl Tickets- Courtesy of SOS Capital
  • 100% of proceeds will be donated to JJ Watts Charity
  • Unlimited Entries Allowed
  • Kicks Off Week 2 of the NFL Season
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday Sept 14th 2pm

Contact SOS Capital for details on how to join and donate. Call 212-235-5455 or email

I have already made my donation to the JJ Watt Foundation and joined. I hope to see many others of you in the contest!

let's play football

Velocity Capital Group (VCG) Secures New $50 Million Credit Facility

February 14, 2022
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Velocity Capital GroupCEDARHURST, NEW YORK—FEBRUARY 14, 2022– Velocity Capital Group (VCG), a leading provider of same-day capital advances to small businesses, has secured a multi-draw term funding line of credit with Arena Investors, LP, a global institutional alternative asset manager. The line of credit will provide VCG with borrowing capacity up to $50 million and deep pool of capital from which to expand its business, further strengthening VCG’s ability to provide funding for small business merchants. Though the name VCG may be new to some, the company is no stranger to alternative finance. Eleven years of experience in the space with over 25,000 funded clients has helped their team understand what merchants need most during the funding process, primarily trustworthiness and speed.

Since VCG’s inception, CEO/Principal Jay Avigdor has made it his mission to provide an efficient and flexible funding experience and product for merchants. “We’re setting new strides for speed and service every year. 2022 is going to be even more impactful for VCG and our stakeholders!” said an enthused Jay Avigdor. “We have a big opportunity for us this year to build on last year’s initiatives. This line will give us the wings we truly need to fly! Giving us the ability to fund larger deals and provide longer terms.” said Jay. The previous year, VCG made news by switching to their own internally developed processing software for deal applications called Drag-in. The software pulls critical data from VCG’s applications to conduct all necessary screenings via API, then uploads that data to their CRM with the click of a button. Drag-in gives VCG the ability to provide offers within minutes rather than hours, giving them a leg up on the industry. Stakeholders have been thrilled with the improved response time on their deals. Drag-in is Currently working on a beta version to provide multiple other industries.

Speed isn’t the VCG’s only focus. “Merchants and ISOs alike deserve to have more control of the capital they’re provided,” Jay added. In August 2021, Velocity Capital Group began offering ISOs and Merchants the option to receive their capital in a Cryptocurrency. Primarily sent through as stable coins (USDC, DAI, USDT). “Due to the cut-off times within which banks have to operate, they can become a bottleneck for our transactions. The opportunity for providing capital in Crypto couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Jay. Available to transfer during all times of the day, funding in Cryptocurrency was added as an option for how Merchants & ISOs receive capital.

“We are excited to facilitate VCG’s activities in small business finance at a time when there are limited options and great needs for capital, and where VCG can provide that capital without unduly burdening merchants receiving it. This transaction fits well with Arena’s broader mission to provide flexible, scalable funding solutions for companies and ideas which have unique growth or liquidity needs. We look forward to working with Jay and his team,” said Victor Dupont, who leads Arena’s investments in the SME sector.

The new line of credit gives steady rails for Velocity Capital Group to continue growing and funding at a significant rate into 2023. “We anticipate we will do north of 150M in funding this year with our current deal flow and this new line. We can provide well-needed cash during these troubling times to small businesses and fuel their success while growing ours as well. We can help small businesses access funding like never before in company history. Through implementing Drag-in, this new credit line with Arena, and with our amazing loyal employees and brokers, the sky is only the limit! ” remarked Jay.

About Velocity Capital Group
Velocity Capital Group helps small businesses all over the United States access capital at incredible speeds. Our team has serviced over 25,000 clients in under 11 years. We’ve grown our business to great heights by focusing on speed, efficiency, and transparency.

About Arena Investors, LP
Arena Investors is an institutional asset manager founded in partnership with The Westaim Corporation (TSXV: WED). With $2.8 billion of committed assets under management as of January 1, 2022, and a team of over 100 employees in six offices globally, Arena provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. The firm brings individuals with decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions. See for more information.

Velocity Capital Group Specializes in Funding
Up to $1 Million Same-Day thru MCA (1st thru 4th Positions), Reverse Consolidations, & Consolidations

NEW ISOs Sign up to Fund with Velocity Here

We’re Hiring – Join one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry!
Do you have a book of business and experience managing relationships with ISOs?
Join VCG and we’ll beat any competing commission structure!

Experienced ISO Relations Representative(s) – Most Competitive Commission in the IndustryBusiness Development Associate with MCA ExperienceJunior Underwriter(s) with MCA ExperienceCollections Manager with MCA Experience

Velocity Capital Group Becomes First Funder to Offer Broker Commissions Via Crypto

August 2, 2021
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Jay AvigdorVelocity Capital Group is bullish on crypto as a means of payment. Company President and CEO Jay Avigdor told deBanked that the company is officially incorporating cryptocurrency in two ways:

(1) Brokers can now choose to get paid commissions in cryptocurrency instead of cash.

(2) Merchants can now choose to get funded via cryptocurrency instead of cash.

In both cases, Avigdor touted the speed in which cryptocurrency can change hands versus waiting around for an ACH or a wire.

“Our goal since day 1 of VCG, was to give ISOs and merchants the ability to access capital as fast as possible,” Avigdor said. “With VCG’s proprietary technology, we have been able to change that mindset from ‘as fast as possible’ to ‘the FASTEST possible.'”

The company says it will use stable coins (USD Coin and DAI) to conduct these transactions “in order to limit market volatility” but that depending on the merchant or ISO relationship, they would be open to transmitting Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Merchants getting funded with crypto would still have their future receivables collected via ACH so that part of the arrangement would not change. The underlying business is the same.

VCG alluded to there also being potential tax benefits of taking payment in crypto.

Avigdor believes that among industry peers, VCG is the first to offer commissions in crypto. He further explained that this is only one piece of the puzzle and that there are plans to integrate the company’s technology in a way that will allow merchants to access funding in less than 20 minutes from the time of submission to funds actually being received.

Pearl Capital Business Funding LLC Resumes Merchant Cash Advances After Processing $1.75 B in PPP Loans

November 5, 2020
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JERSEY CITY, N.J. – November 5, 2020 — Pearl Capital Business Funding, LLC, a leading provider of direct financing to small and midsize businesses, today announced that it will resume funding merchant cash advances for U.S. small businesses after suspending funding for a period of time due to the COVID-19 crisis. The move comes after a seven month hiatus during which the company utilized its technology platform to process over $1.75 Billion in SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans.

Pearl Capital provides innovative alternative financial solutions, specializing in the underbanked and subprime business sector. Their financing solutions are available throughout the U.S. to businesses of virtually any industry that are unable to access sufficient traditional financing from banks and non-bank lenders. Pearl’s solutions are not dependent on the business owner’s FICO score and present a compelling solution to underwriting credit even during the current COVID-19 crisis. With the relaunch, Pearl’s ISO Partners can expect lighter stipulation requirements with fewer requested documentation than before and updated pricing. Virtually all business types are eligible for funding from Pearl including high risk industries like auto sales, real estate, home-based businesses, and insurance.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March, we weren’t sure what our future looked like. With so much uncertainty of the economic climate, like many other funders, we temporarily ceased funding. We pivoted and partnered with Cross River Bank and were able to transition our fully-automated processing and anti-fraud technology to process SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans.” Chief Revenue Officer, Jake Lerner, says, “Using our technology platform, we were able to process over $1.75 Billion in PPP loans for businesses affected by COVID-19.”The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was a SBA loan program established under the CARES Act to help small businesses keep workers on their payrolls during the pandemic. The program ended on August 8, 2020 but is likely to resume.

“We’re thrilled to have the ability again to continue to provide financing for companies during an especially difficult time for businesses across the country and give much needed financial support to businesses” CEO, Sol Lax, says, “Pearl did not default on its senior credit line due to its superior underwriting and has added $250 Million in committed financing to expand its activities. If you are a small business and you have survived COVID, you shouldn’t have to shut your doors because you have limited access to capital. We are going to be there for small business both in further iterations of PPP as well as MCA.”

About Pearl Capital

Pearl Capital was founded in 2012 and acquired by private equity firm Capital Z Partners in 2015. Since then, they have become a leader in the fintech industry specializing in short term capital advance solutions for under-banked and credit-challenged businesses, in just about every industry. Over the years, they have provided over 23,000 MCA financings to small businesses across the country, by working with their network of ISOs. Their advanced online application technology platform and machine learning SMB credit score allows them to provide flexible terms and some of the fastest response times in the industry for deals up to one-million dollars. Most recently, Pearl Capital partnered with Cross River Bank to process over $1.75 Billion in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.

Jake Lerner, Chief Revenue Officer
+1 347-584-8653

Breakout Capital Weathered The Storm And Came Out With Expanded Access to Credit

July 8, 2020
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Breakout CapitalBreakout Capital never stopped funding. That’s what CEO & President McLean Wilson recently shared with deBanked. The company not only weathered the storm but has come out with expanded access to credit totalling $20MM with Medalist Partners, one a current term loan facility and the other a new term loan facility with “attractive” forward flow features.

The company said in its announcement that these facilities will allow Breakout to increase loan originations across all of its product offerings, including its term-loan product, FactorAdvantage®, and its newest factor product, FactorBridge.

“Small businesses are at the core of our economy and they were, as we were, largely blindsided by recent economic interruptions,” Wilson told deBanked. “We adapted quickly and rolled with the punches and never stopped funding. It is a testament to the resiliency, loyalty and borrower first mentality that Breakout Capital has not only weathered the storm, but has strengthened our company throughout the past few months. We quickly adapted to a new way of thinking, which helped us serve our clients in real time and forge ever closer relationships with our factor partners, lenders, online marketplaces, ISOs and borrowers.”

John Slonieski, Director of Private Credit for Medalist Partners, said in the announcement that “We are pleased to enhance our relationship with Breakout Capital in our asset-based lending strategy. Their high-quality underwriting and SMB-friendly lending solutions, coupled with their talented credit and management team, provide us confidence as we continue working closely with them to successfully scale their lending program.”

Merchant Cash Advance Industry Pioneer David Goldin Launches Lender Capital Partners To Provide Financing To Merchant Cash Advance / Alternative Business Loan Providers

November 5, 2019
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Lenders Capital PartnersWhite Plains, NY – November 5, 2019 – David Goldin, one of the merchant cash advance industry pioneers who founded one of the first US merchant cash advance providers in 2002, Capify (formerly known as AmeriMerchant), that later expanded to the UK and Australia has partnered with a subsidiary of Basepoint Capital, a seasoned specialty finance group, to form Lender Capital Partners ( Basepoint has provided over $300 million in committed financings / forward flow purchases in the merchant cash advance / alternative business loan industry.

Lender Capital Partners (LCP) provides MCA and alternative business lending platforms with strategic capital including:

  • Forward flow programs – LCP funds 100% of the amounts disbursed by the platform in connection with their funding of advances / business loans including sales commissions to their customers to free up cash and avoid the burden of equity requirements or “hair cut” money associated with traditional asset-based credit lines.
  • Participations / Syndication – by having LCP purchase a participation in larger deals, the platform is able to offer larger size approvals to their customers and brokers / referral partners without taking on concentration risk. LCP can participate up to $1 million in each deal and provide strategic capital by offering our many years of industry experience underwriting larger size deals.
  • Credit facilities – LCP provide credit facilities for MCA and alternative business loan providers that begin at a minimum of $20 million and can go up to $100 million+. Our credit facilities typically offer a higher advance rate than a bank and less stringent concentration limits.
  • Broker Graduation Program – LCP will allow brokers to take the next step of becoming a direct lender by providing the capital and know-how needed to fund deals on their own. Designed for brokers that can originate a minimum of $500k/month, LCP can provide the capital needed and set up brokers with one of our partners to provide a back office if needed for underwriting / servicing without having to make the investment on their own.
  • Point of Sales / Credit Card Processor Merchant Cash Advance / Merchant Financing Program – LCP can provide a turnkey solution for POS / Credit Card Processing companies to offer a merchant financing program to their merchants to compete with some of the larger POS providers / credit card processors that are now offering these programs in-house and have had great success. LCP can provide the capital needed for a merchant financing / merchant cash advance program as well as introduce one of our underwriting/servicing partners if needed.

“After exiting the US MCA business in 2017, I have decided the time is right to offer my 17+ years of global MCA / business lending experience to the industry by partnering with Basepoint to supply capital to the MCA / business loan industry. I believe the various programs we offer at Lender Capital Partners are tailored for just about any company in the industry – for both current lenders as well as larger brokers/ISOs that are looking to graduate to the next step of becoming a lender as well as to POS providers / merchant acquirers looking to offer an in-house program to their merchants. And my 17+ years industry experience is a great value-added benefit that very few lenders, if any can bring to the table”, says David Goldin, a principal of Lender Capital Partners.”


Lender Capital Partners provides capital to commercial lenders, particularly in the merchant cash advance / alternative business loan industry. One of the founders of Lender Capital Partners is David Goldin. David is the Founder of Capify, one of the first merchant cash advance providers in the US founded in 2002. David scaled Capify to 225 employees operating in 4 countries and sold the US business to a competitor in 2017 and secured a $95 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs to fund Capify UK and Capify Australia which has over 125 employees total today operating in each of those markets. David has over 17 years experience in the merchant cash advance / alternative business finance industry and is considered a pioneer in the industry. David’s extensive expertise allows Lender Capital Partners to bring strategic value to our relationships, not just capital. For more information on Lender Capital Partners, visit

BFS Capital Eliminates Upfront Fees to Simplify Financing for Small Business Owners

October 1, 2019
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Enhanced website streamlines lead-to-loan process for customers and partners

BFS Capital LogoCORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (Oct. 1, 2019)—BFS Capital, a leader in small business financing, today announced it has eliminated all upfront fees on its financing solutions, including loans and business advances, as it simplifies pricing for small business owners.

With pricing that is transparent, flexible and easy to understand, BFS Capital is leading the evolution of small business financing. BFS Capital customers can now apply for and receive up to $500,000 in financing with no origination fees, no processing fees and no upfront costs. Customers are able to pay back a loan with a fixed daily or weekly payment, or as a flexible payment calculated as a percentage of credit card sales.

“There will be no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. What customers borrow is what gets funded into their accounts,” said BFS Capital CEO Mark Ruddock. “We are committed to empowering small businesses by meeting their needs with straightforward, cost-effective and timely online financing, whether it be to smooth cash flow, invest in adding staff, purchase equipment or upgrade a space.”

BFS WebsiteBFS Capital is also preparing to roll out a new, state-of-the-art digital lending platform. Over the next few weeks, the website will showcase a refreshed brand and exciting advances in automation across the entire loan application and approval process.

Partners, including Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) that match small businesses to BFS Capital’s financing solutions, will also benefit from the company’s new no fee product proposition, evolving digital capabilities and dedication to transparency. ISOs and partners will soon have real-time visibility into the status of their leads across the entire customer relationship lifecycle, from the initial application through the life of the loan and beyond.

“As we embark on our mission of reimagining small business financial services, we are reinforcing support for our partners with API integration and faster, fully underwritten personalized offers, all complemented by market-leading pricing and commissions,” Ruddock added.

BFS Capital has over a decade long history of helping small business owners thrive and has provided more than $2 billion in financing. To qualify, businesses must be in operations for at least two years and generate at least $12,000 in monthly revenue. More than 23,000 businesses have been funded by BFS Capital across 400 industries.

To learn more, please visit

About BFS Capital

BFS Capital champions the long-term growth and prosperity of small businesses by providing timely, flexible financing solutions. BFS Capital’s leading small business financing platform leverages customized underwriting and proprietary algorithms to fund businesses in the United States, Canada, and through its United Kingdom subsidiary, Boost Capital. Since 2002, BFS Capital has provided over $2 billion in total financing to over 23,000 small businesses across more than 400 industries. Headquartered in South Florida with offices in New York, California and the United Kingdom, BFS Capital is an accredited BBB company with an A+ rating.

Media Contact
Archie Group for BFS Capital
Gregory Papajohn

BFS Capital Surpasses $2 Billion in Financing

January 22, 2019
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RuddockBFS Capital announced this morning that it has exceeded $2 billion in financing to over 22,000 small businesses across the United States, Canada and the UK.

“This is a major originations milestone,” said Mark Ruddock, CEO of BFS Capital. “We’re incredibly proud to see these investments take root, as BFS Capital continues to solidify its position as a central source for financing small businesses and their everyday capital needs.”

BFS Capital provides business loans and MCA deals from $5,000 to $500,000 to a wide variety of merchants. In 2018, fourth quarter originations were the highest ever in the company’s 17-year history. And third quarter originations also represented the best third quarter in the company’s history.

“In 2018 we enhanced our sales and marketing programs and made significant advances in our underwriting models so that we could better serve small businesses,” Ruddock said.

Ruddock also said that they are constantly thinking of ways to be better partners to the ISOs. He said that they plan to speed up the process from lead to loan by 30% this year, so that, with continued improvements in technology, approvals can take a matter of minutes and eventually happen instantaneously. Currently, they make decisions within a matter of hours.

“We’re also trying to communicate more clearly with [our ISO partners] about what sorts of merchants we are more likely to fund than not, so that they can be more efficient themselves,” Ruddock said.

Apart from accelerating speed in approval time for certain financing, Ruddock said that BFS also excels in serving customers that he calls “diamonds in the rough,” or businesses that sometimes even other alternative lenders will reject because they don’t understand them.

“BFS will very often be in a position to look at a company that perhaps might look complicated to others, and be able to say ‘Yes, this is a deal that we will do,’” Ruddock said.

This process is a little less automated as it requires more creative thinking on the part of their underwriting team, Ruddock said. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Coral Springs, FL, BFS also has offices in New York, California and the UK.

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