Kris Roglieri To Stay in Prison Indefinitely After Shocking Development

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Add credible threats to murder an FBI agent to the list of scandalous accolades that Kris Roglieri has racked up in recent months. On Monday, prosecutors revealed the rationale behind the unusual demand to have him detained for what is seemingly a white collar crime, and that is that he has become dangerous. According to calls and emails Roglieri had with an unnamed friend, he said would “take out” a judge and a receiver, that he was going to “wack anybody” that went after him, and that he had determined the home address of one of the FBI agents investigating him and that he planned to put a bullet in their head.

“when someone takes everything away from you . . . if I go down, everyone goes down,” he said.

When the FBI became fully aware of the circumstances, he was arrested and taken into custody on May 31 on a single charge of wire fraud. It is likely that more charges will follow given that more than $100 million of the funds he took from customers remain unaccounted for. Nevertheless, prosecutors used the danger he posed to secure his temporary detainment without bail and on Monday he was ordered to remain in prison indefinitely while awaiting trial. He is being represented by a public defender.

Meanwhile, Roglieri’s company Prime Capital Ventures has been in receivership while he himself is in Chapter 7. In the latter case, he was recently ordered to turn over all his assets, including ownership of his businesses. One of those businesses, NACLB, announced prior to the order that it was rebranding to a different name, was still accepting payments from customers, and that it was exciting to still be moving forward.

Last modified: June 3, 2024

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