Winner of Broker NFT Made Unusual Request

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One winner of The Broker NFT Giveaway Raffle made an unusual request shortly after we aired his name.

Sean Murray NFTThe prize was supposed to be one of the ten Broker NFTs, but Josh Feinberg, who is the CEO of Everlasting Capital, inquired about the private mints, which were not up for grabs, but had been displayed in some of our NFT livestreams.

He asked about token #3, which was, ironically, the NFT of myself that I had hand-autographed in photoshop and hand-minted via our own ethereum smart contract.

Upon discovering that his selection had not been made in jest, the decision was made to authorize the transfer of it to his ethereum wallet. Unusual (and flattering) as it was, I am honored that he wanted it.

Last modified: November 4, 2021
Sean Murray

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