deBanked Presents: The Broker NFT Collection

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Watch out CryptoPunks, deBanked has minted a limited edition set of its own Broker NFTs.

Drawing from the animated style popular in the NFT community, this collection of ten “brokers” is a diverse light-hearted tribute to the professionals in the business finance industry. Each broker in the collection has been individually minted on the ethereum blockchain.

The artwork was drawn by Cindy Recile and the NFTs minted via deBanked’s own ethereum smart contract. (See here on etherscan.)

The other news is that we’ll be giving some of these away for free. (stay tuned for those details!)

The Broker NFT Collection

Today’s NFT market has things like pixelated punks and bored apes literally selling for millions of dollars.

A jpeg with no picture other than 4 words of text that say: “Fintech is Killing me,” is currently up for sale for more than $400, if that can be believed.

The act of minting an NFT cost Ethereum gas but if there is any particular thing you would like to see deBanked turn into an NFT, let us know and maybe we’ll make it happen! Email

Last modified: May 30, 2022
Sean Murray


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