SBA Dumps Detailed Data on Every Single PPP Borrower

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ppp checkerThe SBA has dumped all of it.

A court order recently forced the SBA to reveal precise details of every single PPP and EIDL borrower regardless of loan size and regardless of privacy concerns.

The SBA dumped all the data late on Tuesday night through a series of downloadable .csv files.

However, has made a web-friendly search tool for the PPP loans (not the EIDL), which contains 5 million records. The loan amounts are precise. This latest cache of data is different from the previous reveal in that the loan amounts are exact. There is no approximating here.

The mass disclosure was viewed as controversial because PPP loan amounts were directly correlated with monthly payroll figures so one could potentially deduce the salary of a self-employed business owner with no employees by knowing just their PPP loan amount.

In any case, all of the data has been made public. The easiest way to search the database is at

Last modified: December 2, 2020
Sean Murray


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