Luxury Asset Capital Acquires and Relaunches Borro

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borroLuxury Asset Capital, the Denver-based lender that secures financing against goods such as Ferraris and Rolexes, has announced this month that it has acquired Borro and will be relaunching LAC did not disclose the purchase price.

The news comes after LAC had been in talks to acquire Borro for years, LAC CEO Dewey Burke told deBanked. The merger will see Borro’s New York office remain open for business as many of its staff will stay on. As well as this, LAC and Borro will now be offering loans on a wider range of goods, that start at lower minimum amounts, and which will make use of more flexible terms, Burke stated.

“This was a transformational acquisition for us because obviously the competitor was out of the marketplace, but it really pushed us further to the forefront of being the preeminent lender in our niche space.”

Other news to come from announcement is that LAC is now offering to store customers’ luxury assets in its company vault, allowing the users who choose to do so to access capital immediately via a phone call. LAC will also be retiring its Lux Exchange and Pawngo brands, in favor of replacing them with Borro, because, as Burke put it, “we just thought it was a brand that was stronger than the legacy brands that we had.”

Beyond the merger, LAC plans to continue forging corporate partnerships, like that of its preexisting one with WatchBox, a trading service for preowned luxury watches. The strategy here being to link with the luxury goods ecosystem, enabling convenient pathways for customers to collateralize their asset.

Last modified: February 26, 2020
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