Michael Bloomberg Says Democrats Off Limits From Investigations

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BloombergSuspect Bloomberg News might have a bias or an agenda? On Friday, Michael Bloomberg, whose company owns Bloomberg News, told CBS news that his reporters were restricted from investigating Democratic candidates while he runs for President.

“We just have to learn to live with some things. [The reporters] get a paycheck. But with your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities.”

CNN reported that inside the company reporters are frustrated by how difficult this will make their jobs.

Bloomberg is an influential player in politics.

As previously reported by deBanked last year, Bloomberg Senior Editor Robert Friedman thanked a state senator from New York on twitter for proposing legislation in response to a story he oversaw in 2018. When deBanked pointed it out, Friedman quickly deleted the tweet. The democrat-led legislature then went on to pass a law that relied almost entirely on the Bloomberg news story. That law was the restriction of entering Confessions of Judgment in New York against out-of-state debtors.

Last modified: December 7, 2019

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