New York’s COJ Bill Has Been Delivered To The Governor

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COJ TombstoneNew York’s infamous Confession of Judgment bill has finally been delivered to the governor for his signature. Although the legislative process offers flexibility to depart from the statutory timelines (as we have witnessed), the governor now presumably has 10 days or less to sign it. Stay tuned.

The Confession of Judgment ban is very specific, it prohibits the entering of a COJ in New York against a non-New York resident. It does not prevent parties from filing lawsuits in New York. It does not prohibit COJs from being filed in other states. This law is significant because approximately 99% of COJs being utilized in the small business finance industry were being filed in New York regardless of where the debtor resided. That is because the New York Court system is the fastest and most efficient when it comes to entering COJs and securing a judgment.

Last modified: November 14, 2019
Sean Murray

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