Thinking Capital, Equifax Create Canadian Small Business Credit Grades

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Jeff Mitelman, CEO, Thinking Capital

Equifax and Thinking Capital today announced the launch of BillMarket, a service that will now provide Canadian small businesses with a credit grade, A through E. CEO and cofounder of Thinking Capital Jeff Mitelman told deBanked this is revolutionary because, up until now, a Canadian small business’ creditworthiness has usually been based on the personal credit score of the small business owner.

“BillMarket creates a new language of credit for small business in Canada,” Mitelman said. “For the first time, there is a practical way to talk about and put a dollar value on small business credit in Canada. BillMarket expands the purchasing power for Canadian SMBs and eliminates friction in the supply chain.”

Equifax offers this new credit grade for free, and simultaneously, a small business owner is offered a supply chain financing deal by Thinking Capital. Specifically, if a small business owes money to a vendor in 30 days, Thinking Capital can turn that 30 day invoice into a 120 day invoice. Thinking Capital pays the small business’ vendor and the small business has 120 days to pay Thinking Capital. There are fees associated with this, which are based on the small business’ credit grade, but a small business can simply use Equifax’s credit grade and seek funding elsewhere.

“BillMarket represents a cash flow revolution for the Canadian small business market,” he said.

Traditionally, Thinking Capital provides an MCA product, which it calls Flexible, as well as a term product, which it calls Fixed. The company provides funding up to $300,000 to small to medium sized Canadian businesses. Clients must be in business for at least six months and have average monthly sales of at least $7,000. The funder was acquired in March by Toronto-based Purpose Financial, but it still uses the Thinking Capital name.

Founded in 2006, Thinking Capital employees roughly 200 people and has offices in Montreal and Toronto.   

Last modified: July 10, 2018
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