LendItFintech In Photos and Sound Bites

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LendItFintech co-founders Peter Renton, Bo Brustkern, and Jason Jones kick off the 6th annual event

“Bad credit is literally killing us” – Scott Sanborn, CEO, Lending Club
when speaking about the increase in mortality rate for people who have faced major financial distress
Scott Sanborn, Lending Club

A disruptive business is not just about speeding something up – Jay Farner, CEO, Quicken Loans
when interviewed on stage by Bloomberg’s Selina Wang
Jay Farner, CEO, Quicken Loans

“On all fronts ICOs are problematic” – Chris Larsen, CEO, Ripple
when interviewed by Jo Ann Barefoot
Chris Larsen, Ripple

“No comment” – Anthony Noto, CEO, SoFi
When asked by Bloomberg Technology reporter Emily Chang if Goldman Sachs would be considered a competitor
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto

Working capital loans (short-term) have been a big growth area for us – Gina Taylor Cotter, SVP & GM, Global Commercial Financing at American Express
when interviewed by Lendio’s Brock Blake

Brock Blake and Gina Taylor Cotter

“At the end of the day, what’s important is that small businesses win” – Andrea Gellert, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, OnDeck
When asked who will win the race for marketshare

“Larger businesses are more stable, it’s easier to underwrite them.” – Victoria Treyger, Chief Revenue Officer, Kabbage
When asked if it’s harder to underwrite loans above $50,000

From left to right: Victoria Treyger (Kabbage), Andrea Gellert (OnDeck), Homam Maalouf (Square), Luke Voiles (Intuit), and Levi King (Nav)
Real-Time Credit Approval

Michael Grottano, Director Of Business Development, Lendr
talks business at the company booth
Michael Grottano, Lendr

Ocrolous announced a $4M Series A round at LendItFintech
Below: Ocrolus account executive John Lowenthal stands in front of the company booth
John Lowenthal, Ocrolous

The best billboard at LenditFintech
Gibraltar Capital Advance

OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow called for industry collaboration and hyped the value of trade associations
Noah Breslow, CEO, OnDeck

We spend more on snacks and coffee in our office than we do on data storage – Mickey Konson, COO, Streetshares
From left to right: Candace Sjogren (Marqeta), Mickey Konson (Streetshares), and Tim Roach (Lendr)
LendItFintech Panel

In a phone interview with deBanked, Kabbage COO Kathryn Petaralia said of their newly announced partnership with Ingo Money, “Our customers are always looking to expedite the process, not because they’re desperate for cash, but because they really are desperate for time, and they don’t want to spend a bunch of time reconciling their bank accounts [and] making sure the funds have arrived. This is a much cleaner way for them to get access to capital.”

From left to right: JP Mangalindan (Yahoo Finance), Cecilia Frew (Visa), Lisa McFarland (Ingo Money), and Kathryn Petralia (Kabbage)

LendIt Push Payments Panel

Working with a bank takes a lot of time and effort – basically everyone on the panel

From left to right: Sam Graziano (Fundation), Ryan Rosett (Credibly), Sam Hodges (Funding Circle), Rohit Arora (Biz2credit), and Bill Phelan (PayNet)

The Future of the Bank/Online Lender Relationship

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