Funding a Deal Near the Holidays?

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piggiesWith the Easter / Passover holidays upon us, deBanked wondered if closing deals is easier or harder during this period. Josh Feinberg, founder of Everlasting Capital, a funding company, told deBanked that he thinks it’s easier to close a deal in the two weeks before a major holiday.

Why? Because he said that merchants are preparing to go on vacation and often want to get major decisions out of the way, while funders are looking to fund as much volume as possible.

At the same time, Feinberg said that application flow typically goes down the week before and after a major holiday as many people are out of their offices.

From the broker side, Anthony Frisone, founder of the ISO Nest Planner, told deBanked that there’s no shortage of merchant demand for capital during the holiday time.

“I’m overloaded with deals,” he said. “It’s busier than usual, but I also have fewer employees because they’re taking off for vacation.”

Last modified: March 30, 2018
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