Decision One Debt Relief, MCA Helpline Not Related, Company Says

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Everest Business Funding has voluntarily withdrawn claims against one of three named defendants in a debt settlement tort lawsuit in Florida, court records show. The case against Decision One Debt Relief was withdrawn without prejudice on February 2nd.

That leaves MCA Helpline, LLC and Todd Fisch individually as the remaining named defendants.

Everest had originally alleged that Fisch was the individual behind both MCA Helpline and Decision One Debt Relief. Decision One Debt Relief, however, told deBanked that the two companies had no ties to each other. “Decision One has no relation with Todd Fisch or MCA Helpline,” Decision One’s president wrote as part of an emailed statement about the dismissal.

Everest is still seeking damages for the remaining Defendants’ tortious interference with at least a dozen of its merchant contracts.

Last modified: September 6, 2018

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