“MCA Debt Settlement” Company Sued

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A firm that offers to “restructure corporate debt primarily MCA or Merchant Cash Advance debt” was sued last month by a small business owner for fraudulent inducement, consumer fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duties, and for a declaratory judgment. Corporate defendants include MCA Resolve LLC and Coastal Debt Resolve (ABSM LLC) in addition to several individuals.

The alleged scheme, as laid out by plaintiff, asks business owners to pay huge fees to the debt settlement firm all while being forced to default on their business financing agreements on the hope that they might eventually get a proposal to settle for far less than the amount agreed. In this case, plaintiff explained that the result was that they actually ended up owing more because of how much defendants were charging. The case was filed in the Superior Court of Arizona and can be viewed here.

Notably, MCA Resolve LLC is currently being sued by two unrelated MCA funding companies in the New York Supreme Court.

Last modified: May 25, 2024

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