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BitcoinOk, so this is a shameless affiliate marketing offer. If you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase using this link, you’ll not only get an extra $10 worth of Bitcoin free, but I’ll get $10 worth of free Bitcoins as well.

While it’s awesome that a single Bitcoin is worth $10,000 these days, I personally fell in love with the utility of the currency 3 years ago. I mined it, bought it, sold it, became a node on the network, donated it, spent it, accepted it as payment, went to meetups dedicated to it, and read books on it. The ironic part about it all is that few, if any, people cared about my coverage of it. Now that’s it up nearly 900% YTD, readers have been asking about it.

Before you get get caught up in the hype aspect, maybe take a minute to read through some of my very old blog posts about Bitcoin and decide for yourself if the currency makes sense.

Get $10 Worth of Free Bitcoin HERE

Last modified: November 28, 2017
Sean Murray

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