deBanked Inks Deal with Lenders Marketing in Bitcoin

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Bitcoin deBankeddeBanked has inked an advertising deal with Lenders Marketing, a company that provides trigger leads to the business financing industry. The deal is significant because it was priced in Bitcoin, not dollars.

“Bitcoin’s value against the dollar is volatile,” said deBanked’s Sean Murray. “But 1 BTC today is still equal to 1 BTC tomorrow.”

deBanked does convert a portion of its Bitcoin revenue into dollars, but holds the rest. “I think it’s important to practice what you preach,” Murray added. “What better way is there to debank than by using Bitcoin as a currency?”

Lenders Marketing and deBanked used Coinbase to transact, the country’s first regulated Bitcoin exchange.

deBanked’s March/April print magazine issue will be distributed in the mail at the end of this month. Anyone can subscribe to receive it for FREE.

Lender’s Marketing monitors business credit databases, credit card processing companies, financial institutions, government and public filings and merges them with their own database to provide a real-time reflection of current business loan needs.

In the upcoming magazine issue, you will literally be able to smell the leads. You’ll have to hold a copy in your hand to find out what that means.

Last modified: March 10, 2015
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