Bond Street Has Stopped Lending

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bond streetNYC-based small business lender Bond Street has stopped making new loans, according to sources who worked with them. The Wall Street Journal published a similar report earlier today. In addition, the WSJ reported that Goldman Sachs is hiring 20 of Bond Street’s employees.

Just seven months ago, Bond Street announced that they had closed a $300 million loan purchase agreement with Jefferies. The WSJ reported that an inability to raise additional equity is what threw a wrench in their future. The same situation happened to Bizfi just a few short months ago, who wound down after 10 years and shipped their portfolio off to rival Credibly to service.

Bond Street’s 1-3 year loans with APRs ranging from 8% – 25% were terms that many in the alternative business lending universe say is a fundamentally unprofitable model. The company now appears to be joining the ever growing purgatory of alternative small business finance companies. They join Dealstruck, Herio Capital, Bizfi, and Nulook Capital. CAN Capital was previously on that list but was recently restructured and revived.

Able Lending, another small business lender, denied that they were going out of business but admitted they were looking to be acquired.

Square is also reportedly in talks to hire Bond Street employees, the WSJ claims. When Bizfi closed, their employees were mainly picked up by rivals World Business Lenders, Strategic Funding, iPayment, 6th Avenue Capital, and others.

Last modified: April 23, 2019
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