Legal Battles to Keep an Eye On

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The CFPB’s organizational structure might not be unconstitutional after all. The D.C. Circuit which originally concluded it was unconstitutional, has decided to rehear the case. Oral arguments on the matter are scheduled to take place on May 24, 2017. A detailed summary of the issues can be found on The National Law Review.

TCPA law
Serial litigant Craig Cunningham is one of two petitioners behind the challenge to an FCC interpretation of what constitutes “prior express consent.” Specifically, the petitioners want to get rid of implied consent resulting from a party’s providing a telephone number to the caller. The FCC has called upon the public to comment. If the FCC indeed decides to narrow the scope of their interpretation, it would become easier for litigants like Cunningham to bring lawsuits. Read a longer brief of the issue here.

New York Lending License
Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal contains changes to Section 340 of New York’s banking law and it has the potential to completely change the alternative landscape in the state. Read a full analysis here.

Platinum Rapid Funding Group Ltd v VIP Limousine Services Inc. and Charles Cotton
After a landmark trial court decision surrounding merchant cash advance last year, plaintiff Platinum Rapid Funding Group went on to obtain a judgment against defendants in an amount exceeding $100,000. However, filed papers on the docket show the case may be heading to the Appellate Division.

Merchant Funding Services, LLC v. Volunteer Pharmacy Inc
Merchant cash advance companies may find themselves having to answer for an unfavorable ruling issued in Westchester County, New York, in which a judge vacated a Confession of Judgment and voided the underlying future receivables transaction. A more in-depth brief can be read here. Notably, the judge in that decision was the same one that decided Pearl Capital Rivis Ventures, LLC v. RDN Construction, Inc.

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