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Some background:

What started as a few sensational articles about practices in small business lending and merchant cash advance is now turning into a cry for a governmental crackdown by not only observers outside the industry but lenders from inside the industry itself.

feedbackStories that look like they’ve been written by consumer activist groups are being penned by your peers. Just recently, Fundera’s Brayden McCarthy submitted his thoughts to American Banker and the Huffington Post.

“As evidence,” he wrote. “One need only look to some lenders’ triple-digit interest rates, the proliferation of shady loan brokers and inadequate or nonexistent disclosure of price and terms. Some practices, such as brokers that brand themselves as impartial but take incentives to market certain lenders over others, resemble behavior seen in the run-up to the financial crisis.”

Along with the Treasury’s RFI, there is a mass lobbying effort to regulate the industry as fast possible. As Patrick Siegfried, Esq pointed out recently, former SBA Administrator Karen Mills recently urged the the CFPB to implement the Small Business Data Collection Rule of the Dodd-Frank Act, a law which could potentially outlaw the underwriting practices of the entire business lending and merchant cash advance industries.

There’s also been the publication of a Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights and the formation of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition. And on Forbes, an interview with loan broker Ami Kassar described the industry as the wild, wild west.

As a long time participant and observer in the industry, (this is my 10th year now) I want nothing more than a bright and prosperous future for both my peers and America’s small businesses. I hope you’ll take two minutes to take our survey above.


Last modified: August 12, 2015
Sean Murray

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