Don’t Throw That Deal Away, Factor It

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factor that deal!As we start off our first blog post in Merchant Processing Resource, I’d like to talk about a deal that we just got a factoring line for:

A landscaping company came to SFS because his business was starting really to take off and was beginning to get large contracts to provide masonry and landscaping work. The merchant was approved for a cash advance but it was not enough to cover the funds he needed. He applied to SFS+ for an Accounts Receivable factoring line and was approved for $500,000. The line allowed the merchant to sell SFS+ outstanding invoices for work that was already completed for a large office complex and shopping center. Between the factoring line and the Cash advance line the merchant received $650k in working capital!

He went to his local bank and while the bank said they love the depositing relationship, they have no interest in lending him money. Next stop: his accountant — the accountant said they would have to have a balance sheet for the bank. Well his business did not have 12 months to build his balance sheet he needs to address the opportunity (not a problem) today!

He found us though an SFS ISO and realized that we were a one stop solution for ALL of his cash flow needs.

SFS and SFS+ provided his business with a cash advance and factoring line. So, not only did they address his current opportunity they also enabled him to expand his business as much as he wants, and when his balance sheet is stronger he can go back to the bank.

So how do you know when factoring is a good option??
Ask them: “does your business have receivables?” if they say yes, ask them to submit your cash advance application and their business’ accounts receivable aging reports, we can then give you a quick response on how we can move forward.

Last modified: April 20, 2019
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