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deBanked’s office was empty on Monday and early Tuesday morning due to Hurricane Sandy. Instead, we were out dealing with the reality of having no power or water for at least a week. We did survey some damage in east midtown Manhattan, an area where floods exceeded over 5 feet last night on 36th street, completely submerging cars. Floods subsided by morning.

Hurricane Sandy 1

Window washing deck stuck in the trees

Hurricane Sandy 2

a building near the 34th Street Heliport

Hurricane Sandy 3


Hurricane Sandy 4

Toppled phone booth

Hurricane Sandy 5


One quote that got us through the night’s harrowing ordeal was a facebook update from Seth Broman, Merchant Cash and Capital’s VP of Business Development:

Dear friends and family, if this is the last communication I have for days with battery % approaching single digits, please make sure that all my rosters are properly updated for the bye weeks, proper waiver moves are processed, I vote against every trade except my own and I’d rather play without a kicker than drop Chicago’s D. Thanks, Seth

We hope everyone is safe. Did the storm affect you?

Last modified: April 20, 2019
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