Complete Merchant Cash Advance Industry Statistics 2010

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We have gathered data on all 50 states and the District of Columbia and put together the most comprehensive statistics for the Merchant Cash Advance Industry in 2010!!!

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Where was this data pulled from?

Figures were obtained partially by counting the number of UCC filings with many Secretary of State Databases. We complemented this with statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, U.S. Census, and a little bit of intuition. 

Are these figures exact?

No. These are not exact figures and our results should not be used as a basis for any financial decision. These are very good estimates based on real data. We are not responsible if this information is misused, nor are we responsible for any damages as a result of this information’s publication. For liability purposes, these figures should be considered purely the opinion of this site’s authors.

Was the data manipulated to put some firms in favorable or less favorable light?

No. This site seeks to be an independent, unbiased community for the Merchant Cash Advance industry. The numbers are what they are.

Was any personal, secretive, or confidential information obtained?

No. No Merchant Cash Advance provider or business owner had any personal or private information at risk. All data was obtained legally and all data is already of the public record.

I have purchased UCC Secured Party marketing lists and there are hundreds of Secured Party names that you don’t seem to have listed on your site. Are you missing a whole chunk of the market?

For the purposes of this study, we purchased some of these lists ourselves. We found that most of the secured parties listed on there were not actually MCA providers. Though they carried names that incuded the terms ‘capital’, ‘advance’, ‘funding’, a lot of them were firms that actually engaged in invoice factoring, A/R factoring, advances on lottery winnings, loans, and leasing. If you’re convinced otherwise, you can submit any secured party names to us by e-mail at

I clicked on a state and the total number of UCC Filings does not equal the total of the firms you broke down. How come?

We realize that some firms do not record transactions with a UCC filing or file under a name that we have not discovered. The hard data is broken down, but the total for the state is a result of further analysis.

Are Merchant Cash Advance providers that fund a lot of businesses better than the ones that only fund a few?

Not at all and our rankings should be not perceived that way! Every provider should be judged on their own merit. Some firms choose to be small. The amount of businesses funded per year or per state do not in any way indicate the quality of the deal or the business’s experience. Think Bank of America (Millions of Customers) or a small town community bank (hundreds of customers). Business owners should do their own due diligence.

I am a Manger at or Partner at a Merchant Cash Advance firm that is ranked in these statistics. The figures you have are wrong and I want to submit our actual figures /  I want you delete our company name from this publication.

Managers and Merchant Cash Advance firm owners can reach us at Keep in mind these results were put together from data that is already public and accessible. Our site receives hudreds of visits a day(and we’re still fairly new), therefore we are increasing your firm’s exposure. We are an advocate of the Merchant Cash Advance financial product and believe any Direct Funder benefits from their information here.



Funded Amount Assumes Average Merchant Cash Advance Deal is $25,000

State # of MCA Deals Dollars Funded
Arizona 369 $9,225,000
Colorado 503 $12,575,000
Hawaii 53 $1,325,000
Ohio 524 $13,100,000
Oregon 237 $5,925,000
Rhode Island 91 $2,275,000
Georgia 716 $17,900,000
New York 1,273 $31,825,000
Washington 355 $8,875,000
Texas 1,634 $40,850,000
California 2,768 $69,200,000
Alabama 311 $7,775,000
Alaska 46 $1,150,000
Arkansas 199 $4,975,000
Connecticut 218 $5,450,000
Delaware 56 $1,400,000
Washington D.C. 19 $475,000
Florida 1,522 $38,050,000
Idaho 135 $3,375,000
Illinois 769 $19,225,000
Indiana 440 $11,000,000
Iowa 254 $6,350,000
Kansas 218 $5,450,000
Kentucky 311 $7,775,000
Louisiana 256 $6,400,000
Maine 108 $2,700,000
Maryland 362 $9,050,000
Massachusetts 349 $8,725,000
Michigan 650 $16,250,000
Minnesota 425 $10,625,000
Mississippi 180 $4,500,000
Missouri 425 $10,625,000
Montana 93 $2,325,000
Nebraska 152 $3,800,000
Nevada 170 $4,250,000
New Hampshire 99 $2,475,000
New Jersey 527 $13,175,000
New Mexico 124 $3,100,000
North Carolina 613 $15,325,000
North Dakota 62 $1,550,000
Oklahoma 274 $6,850,000
Pennsylvania 895 $22,375,000
South Carolina 303 $7,575,000
South Dakota 80 $2,000,000
Tennessee 466 $11,650,000
Utah 220 $5,500,000
Vermont 52 $1,300,000
Virginia 457 $11,425,000
West Virginia 311 $2,975,000
Wisconsin 434 $10,850,000
Wyoming 49 $1,225,000
TOTALS 20,966 $524,160,355


There were approximately 21,000 Merchant Cash Advance transactions in 2010 for a total of over $500 Million Funded. For the first 11 states listed at the top, you can click the link to view a detailed breakdown by funding provider. The market share percentage stays relatively consistent state to state and therefore we only felt it necessary to include data for 11 states. It should be noted that those states make up 41% of the national population.

For previously released data on the business types most commonly funded, click here.



NOTE: This study and the results remain the solely owned work of

If you wish to refer to any data described here for an article or advertisement, you may do so by acknowledging the source and including a link to our site.

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