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DirectionNameTickerPriceChange52-Week Low52-Week High
Market Cap
Last Checked
American Express BankAXP$96.79+0.23$75.51$102.3984.01BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
BlackRock Capital InvestmentBKCC$5.68+0.07$5.49$7.89415.62MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Fifth Street Finance CorpFSC$4.41+0.04$3.90$5.91621.64MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
FS InvestmentsFSIC$7.50+0.12$7.05$10.801.84BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Goldman Sachs BDCGSBD$20.95+0.05$20.11$25.60835.12MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Golub Capital BDCGBDC$18.27+0.01$17.35$20.501.09BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Hercules CapitalHTGC$12.61+0.17$11.64$15.681.06BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Intuit IncINTU$171.69+2.38$114.80$173.0043.89BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Main Street Capital CorpMAIN$36.88-0.08$34.37$41.792.14BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
New Mountain FinanceNMFC$12.90+0.10$12.05$15.00977.88MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
PennantPark InvestmentPNNT$7.12+0.10$6.29$8.67505.95MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Prospect Capital CorpPSEC$6.82+0.08$5.51$9.582.46BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
Solar Capital LtdSLRC$20.47+0.16$19.70$22.94865.08MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
TCP Capital CorpTCPC$14.71+0.11$14.09$17.47864.83MFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
The Pitney Bowes BankPBI$12.34+0.06$9.50$16.252.30BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT
TPG Specialty LendingTSLX$18.36+0.05$17.76$21.741.11BFeb 16 4:30 pm EDT

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