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Square Loans Adds Monthly Payment Option, Tops $1B in Loans in Q2

August 4, 2023
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Block’s Square Loan subsidiary is adding another business loan feature to its arsenal, a monthly payment option “to serve larger sellers who wanted more visibility into managing their cash flow.”

The company had a major quarter by making 119,000 loans for a total of $1.10 billion in originations. The company has consistently ranked among the top online small business lenders in the country.

Square Loans said that 25% of its fixed payment loan customers so far have been “mid-market sellers,” small businesses that process more than $500,000 in annual card payment volume.

Square Loans Originates $1.1B in Funding in Q1

May 5, 2023
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blockBlock is not slowing down its small business lending division. Square Loans originated $1.1B across 113,000 loans in the first quarter of 2023, keeping it on pace to continue remaining the largest small business lender that deBanked publishes data on. The company said that loss rates remained consistent with historical ranges and that strong revenue and gross profit were achieved.

Square Loans Completes Monster Funding Year

February 26, 2023
Article by:

blockSquare Loans rose to the top of deBanked’s small business loan originations leaderboard last year after announcing $1.16B in originations in Q4. That brought the company, which is a subsidiary of Block (formerly Square), to over $4B funded for the year total, spread out across 461,000 loans.

In its annual shareholder letter, Block said that “Square Loans achieved strong revenue and gross profit growth during the fourth quarter of 2022.” Demand for loans has been steady and loss rates have stayed consistently within historical ranges.

Square Loans typically approves merchants for less than 20% of a merchant’s expected annual Square gross payment volume, is repaid by withholding a percentage of credit card sales, and enjoys a borrower base that pays off its loans in less than 9 months on average.

Block’s business is so large and now has so many components that Square Loans did not even come up in Block’s Q4 earnings call. Overall, the company generated $5.7B in revenue in 2022.

The small business loans originations leaderboard contains a lot of blanks. That’s because several public companies have attempted to obscure their business lending figures or non-public ones have opted to not disclose their figures. If you want your company’s figures to be added, email info@debanked.com.

Square Funds $1.14B in Q3

November 5, 2022
Article by:

Square in San FranciscoSquare Loans, a subsidiary of Block, originated 126,000 loans for a total of $1.14B in Q3. The company has a positive outlook on the state of its lending business, saying that “Square Loans achieved strong revenue and gross profit growth during the third quarter of 2022.” Overall, originations grew by more than 10% over the previous quarter.

Square Loans is one of several lenders thriving during this period of economic uncertainty. Rivals Enova and Shopify Capital also recently reported strong business loan results.

Square Loans Originated $1.01B in Q2

August 4, 2022
Article by:

Square in San FranciscoSquare Loans originated $1.01B in the second quarter, up from $756M in Q1. During the earnings call, Block (formerly Square) CFO Amrita Ahuja said that the company is using the discipline it maintained on risk with Square Loans with other growing segments of its business. The fact that its business loans are short duration has been key to that success, the company said.

“The unique structure of our products is really designing our products to simplify access to capital for customers and to make it easy to pay them back,” Ahuja explained. “These products are generally short duration, and they have a simplified repayment process, including, for some products, being first in that payback priority. And these generally are short-duration. Square Loans is well less than a year in terms of duration.”

The company trumpeted a loss rate on Square Loans that has remained under 3%.

Senior Business Lending Exec of Square Has Moved to Coinbase

May 16, 2022
Article by:

coinbaseRonak Daya, who spearheaded several of Square Capital’s lending divisions, including “head of product for business lending” and “head of product for external lending and partnerships,” announced on twitter that he had moved on from the company. He had been involved in SMB lending for 7 straight years. His new role? Head of Financing Products at Coinbase.

If you thought Coinbase was just about buying Bitcoin, you’re wrong. Daya announced that he’ll be leading a team “to build lending and financing products both for consumers and institutional clients.”

“As I explored what came after Square, my primary focus was on challenging myself to go in a fundamentally new domain/area, and build for a new customer,” Daya wrote. “The priority was learning. Learning by building in domains that I am passionate about, but know little about.”

Convinced that the world is moving towards becoming a crypto-native economy, Daya added that he wants to “play a part in using trust, ease and education to onboard the next billion customers to a new financial system.”

Currently, Coinbase already offers a lending product, loans up to $1 million at 8% APR with monthly payments and no credit check. Though Bitcoin is used as collateral, payments are made by monthly ACH debit or through a linked USD wallet.

Square Loans Originated $756M in Q1

May 5, 2022
Article by:

Square in San FranciscoSquare Loans, the small business lending division of Block, is off to a roaring start. The company originated 90,000 loans for a total of $756M in Q1, according to the company’s latest quarterly earnings. One cause of that was a foray into the Canadian market as part of the company’s strategy to offer all its products in every market it operates in.

“I would say that we have always felt that fast access to funds, whether it’s a customer’s own funds or access to credit has been a key part of our platform and a key part of what our customers need in good times and in uncertain times,” said Block CFO Amrita Ahuja. “And we’ve built a lot of data, a lot of heuristics machine learning around the ability to enable customers for access to those funds in a responsible way. Obviously, we do that today on the Square platform with our Loans — Square Loans product, which we were able to very quickly pause during the early days of the pandemic, pivot to PPP, and then relaunch. And now with originations there back to pre-pandemic levels with continued strong results, encouraging results we’ve seen with respect to loss rates and repayment rates.”

Square Loans’ first quarter originations more than doubled YoY. The increase is consistent with results experienced by competitor Enova/OnDeck.

Square Loans Originated $850M in SMB Funding in Q4

February 24, 2022
Article by:

Despite Block feasting off of Bitcoin sales revenue last year, the company’s small business lending division, Square Loans, originated $850M in loans in the 4th quarter of 2021. That was spread out across 103,000 loans.

That brings the full year 2021 total to $2.45B, a new annual record for Square Loans, whose non-PPP related lending had dropped by more than 50% in 2020 when compared to 2019. It also put them ahead of rival OnDeck for the first year ever.

Square Loans was not mentioned by name during the company’s Q4 earnings call, but Square CFO Amrita Ahuja said, “We continue to believe our Square ecosystem is differentiated due to our integrated and cohesive set of products across the hardware, software, payments and financial services, serving seller needs in a more comprehensive way. We are making progress in surfacing incremental product adoption to serve our sellers across multiple vectors, with a goal of creating a more retentive and valuable relationship.”

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