Square: Business Loan Originations, Loss Rates Steady in Q3

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Block’s Square Loan division chugged along in Q3, originating 120,000 loans for a total of $1.17B. The company’s origination figures in the first nine months of this year are basically on par with the origination figures of the last nine months of 2022. This suggests that Block is being cautious and conservative.

Block also said that loss rates on Square Loans “remained consistent with historical ranges.”

Square loan originations for the past six quarters:

Q2 2022: $1.01B
Q3 2022: $1.14B
Q4 2022: $1.16B
Q1 2023: $1.10B
Q2 2023: $1.10B
Q3 2023: $1.17B

Block did not talk about Square Loans on its earnings call except to say that it’s among a number of products it offers that serves as a retention tool and that in the future it will become more of an acquisition channel as well.

Last modified: November 2, 2023

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