Cloudsquare Unveils Game-Changing Lender APIs for Streamlined Submissions

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New out-of-the-box integrations promises to revolutionize the deal submission process, boosting efficiency and cutting costs for alternative lending companies.

cloudsquare logoLos Angeles, CA – June 6, 2024 – Cloudsquare, a leading LOS/LMS platform and Salesforce consulting partner specializing in alternative lending solutions, announces the launch of 14 new Lender APIs integrated into Cloudsquare Broker, an alternative lending CRM powered by Salesforce. This significant advancement enhances the speed and efficiency submitting deals to lenders who accept portal submissions

The Lender APIs address common challenges in submissions, reducing delays and costs with a streamlined, automated solution. They integrate with the CRM’s Submission Channel, an AI-powered module that matches the right lenders for each deal, increasing approval rates by avoiding unnecessary declines.

Depending on the lender’s API capabilities, brokers gain access to features like real-time status updates, document retrieval, instant offers and decline reasons, further enhancing processing efficiency.

“With our new Lender APIs, users can experience a tenfold increase in submission speed,” said Jeffrey Morgenstein, CEO at Cloudsquare. “This not only saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars in processing payroll but also ensures they stay ahead of their competitors by operating at peak efficiency.”

Supported lenders include Bitty Advance, CAN Capital, Credibly, Expansion Capital Group, Fora Financial, Forward Financing, Headway, Idea Financial, Kapitus, Lendini, Mulligan Funding, OnDeck, PIRS Capital, and Rapid Finance.

“For customers who work with lenders not currently on the list, Cloudsquare offers the flexibility to add any lender to the submission framework, provided they have an API available,” said Paul Albuquerque, Director of Product at Cloudsquare. “It is our mission to elevate the entire industry and drive synergy through technology.”

This development underscores Cloudsquare’s commitment to innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the financial services industry, helping businesses operate more efficiently.

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Cloudsquare, is a robust LOS/LMS platform and premier Salesforce consulting partner specializing in solutions tailored for alternative lending. We pride ourselves on being the provider of choice for ambitious, forward-thinking organizations aiming to elevate their operations to the next level. Cloudsquare’s excellence has been recognized by industry leaders, is listed on the Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest-growing companies and is consistently rated as a top service provider on platforms like Salesforce AppExchange, G2, Clutch and Manifest. For more information, please visit

Last modified: June 6, 2024
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