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Phone: 646-904-8735


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03/30/2021ByzFunder raises larger credit facility

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Byzfunder 888-476-0755 Byzfunder NY LLC


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ByzFunder - MCA, 2nd/3rd Positions, B&C Paper - Up to 15 points+3% Bonus...
i want to introduce my company, byzfunder, a direct lender in the mca space. we focus on 2nd and 3rd positions, b&c paper, on which we will pay up...

ByzFunder-Signing up ISOs for B&C Paper, No High-Risk Files, 15 point upsell...
byzfunder is now signing on new iso's looking for a positive change in pace for funding their b&c paper clients. we're offering the opportunity to...

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BYZFUNDER IS FUNDING & ALSO LOOKING TO FUND 1st POSITIONS..., 333 west 39th street, suite 301, new york, ny 10018,

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byzfunder?, , hi michael. i cannot give an accurate answer as there are too many factors involved. for example what business type is it, how many years in business, merchants credit score, what position loan are they seeking, when they did the 100k per month did they have a lot of nsfs, were the average daily balances 15k or $1000? i have no idea on the c...