Update on the Kris Roglieri Saga

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bankruptcy courtThe trustee overseeing Kris Roglieri’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case asked the Court on Tuesday to convert it to a Chapter 7. That’s because among the facts to come out of that and related proceedings thus far is that Roglieri did not ever maintain financial records for his various business entities, has no revenue coming in, and has no path to keeping his businesses going. The trustee also noted the added complexity of an FBI investigation and that the Receiver in a related civil case believes Roglieri owes creditors more than $100 million, funds that were allegedly derived from a ponzi scheme.

A Chapter 7 is a liquidation. The Court still has to approve it. A Chapter 7 trustee would have added powers that allows them to pursue assets for the benefit of creditors. The assets would be sold off.

Up until at least one month ago, Roglieri’s wholly owned business, the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers conference (NACLB), was still soliciting for sponsorships. However, the ability to purchase tickets was shut off in early April and as of last week the conference website has gone completely offline. Roglieri previously attested that $436,237 was outstanding and due to Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas for their 2023 conference. The Receiver in the Prime Capital Ventures case has also argued that the NACLB bank account had been the recipient of at least $20,000 in allegedly misappropriated funds and that $200,000 had been withdrawn from the NACLB’s bank account to aid in the present legal defense of Roglieri.

Last modified: April 24, 2024

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