Controversial Search Engine Marketing Tactic Targeted by Google

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Google DarkWhen company domain names expire, some investors snatch them up to take advantage of the residual benefits left behind. That is that if the company had a significant footprint in search engines before going out of business then it can pay big money to bring that domain name back to life and monetize its organic search traffic.

But Google hasn’t become too fond of this strategy since it’s apparently often used in a deceptive manner.

“Expired domain abuse is where an expired domain name is purchased and repurposed primarily to manipulate search rankings by hosting content that provides little to no value to users,” wrote Google as part of its new policy. “Expired domain abuse isn’t something people accidentally do. It’s a practice employed by people who hope to rank well in Search with low-value content by using the past reputation of a domain name. These domains are generally not intended for visitors to find them in any other way but through search engines. It’s fine to use an old domain name for a new, original site that’s designed to serve people first.”

Google also made changes to its core algorithm that is reducing “unhelpful, low-quality, unoriginal content in its search results by 40%.”

Once upon a time Google organic search traffic could be make or break for a company but today there are so many platforms that people are using (Think the Amazon Echo, ChatGPT, TikTok, and more) that it is merely one channel out of many on the internet to acquire customers.

Last modified: March 24, 2024

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