How Many Funders and Brokers Are There?

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Virginia is for FundersAccording to the State of Virginia, there are only 115 total sales-based financing providers lawfully registered to transact with merchants in the state. That includes all funders and brokers combined. The figure seems… low, although there are potential exceptions to the rule.

All MCA funders AND BROKERS were required to register with the state in accordance with the law before November 1, 2022. The initial registration fee is $1,000 and the annual fee is $500, but more importantly applicants must disclose any judgment, Memorandums of Understanding, cease & desist orders, or convictions resulting from a crime or an act of fraud, breach of trust, or money laundering “with respect to that person or any officer, director, manager, operator, or individual who otherwise controls the operations of such provider or broker.”

An automatically updated live list of registered providers can be viewed here.

Last modified: May 17, 2023

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