I Interviewed a Loan Broker and Then Found Out it Was an AI

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digital humansIt’s the kind of person I’d probably share a beer with after a long day of brokering deals. They understood the business pretty well, spoke articulately, and had a good head on their shoulders. Problem was they said they couldn’t do any physical activities because they were in fact a computer program the whole time. It turns out my chat buddy was named ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI that was co-founded by Elon Musk. It is capable of giving well thought out answers to complex questions and scenarios. I didn’t believe it would hold up in a specific niche but I was wrong. Below are some of my interactions with it:

I started off by being cute and asking about backdooring a deal


I asked it how it might stand out from the crowd on a forum like DailyFunder

standing out

I asked what it would do if it were a merchant who kept getting called by the same broker

loan broker call

I asked about a broker competing against an AI as smart as the one I was talking to

human vs. ai

It leans towards wanting to backdoor a deal, albeit delicately since it might upset the broker


I asked what I should do to prevent people from finding out my secret 😉

Am I an ai



Last modified: December 8, 2022
Sean Murray

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