The Company That Acquired Alchemy Technologies is a Small Business Lender

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Business WarriorThe sale of Alchemy Technologies to Business Warrior was announced on Thursday. The sale price of $8.75M ($2.25M in cash), is more than 3x Alchemy’s 2021 revenue of $2.8M.

While Business Warrior describes itself as “the source for small businesses in America to get more customers,” its homepage leads with a pitch for a working capital loan. “Our goal is to give you access to funding before you need it so you can grow without the restraints set on you by your bank,” the website says.

Business Warrior provides loans from $5,000 to $100,000 with interest rates as low as 7.97% and with terms between 12-36 months. It also offers marketing, software, and scaling solutions.

“After working with Alchemy, we quickly realized the massive potential of adding this international group of industry leaders to the Business Warrior team,” said Jonathan Brooks, Business Warrior President, in a press release. “With our Business Warrior platform, premium marketing, and now a global lending technology presence, we are building solutions that propel the success of small businesses.”

“We are so excited about joining the Business Warrior family!” said Timothy Li, CEO of Alchemy. “This move provides Alchemy with the additional resources, tools and capital necessary to enhance our service to customers. Both companies believe small business owners are the lifeline of local communities. By bringing Alchemy and Business Warrior together, the positive impact on these communities is going to be worldwide.”

Business Warrior is publicly traded under the ticker (OTC: BZWR).

Last modified: June 9, 2022

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