Robinhood Posts Q2 Net Loss of $502M, Shareholders/Fans Pick Management’s Brain on the Call

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robinhoodRobinhood posted a massive net loss last quarter to the tune of $502M on only $565M in revenue.

Following the announcement, the company’s earnings call was a bit unusual, sounding more like a live AMA Reddit thread as the platform’s shareholders were given an opportunity to talk to senior management, a platform usually reserved only for Wall Street analysts. This format led to the submission of 1,300 questions, way more than could be answered in the time allotted, so only the most upvoted were selected to be answered on the call itself.

One person asked if they could get a Robinhood hat and hoody jacket, a surreal insight into how shareholders are thinking about a company that lost $2 for every dollar it brought in last quarter. Another shareholder asked if Robinhood was getting a crypto wallet.

“…I know that there’s been a ton of enthusiasm from the crypto community and the Dogecoin community in particular, on getting access to wallets and it’s something that our teams are working on,” said Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev.

When the shareholders’ turn was over, the analysts took control, asking more pointed questions, like what happens when Robinhood runs out of potential customers that have so far comprised the demographic that led to the company’s early success.

Tenev said that “I think more and more, you’re going to see Robinhood, particularly with our mobile first platform and ease of use, be become incredibly attractive to folks that haven’t previously considered Robinhood, is the go to place. So we’re pretty optimistic about the opportunity ahead of us. And that’s limiting the response to investing. I think there’s a lot more that we can do, when we talk about being the single money app for our customers.”

The company’s stock went down slightly after earnings.

Last modified: August 20, 2021

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