AMEX: Kabbage to be the “Landing Point” for Small Businesses

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amex cardNow that American Express has put “Kabbage to work” with a business checking account offering, the company shared what’s next during the Q2 earnings call.

“..what you’ll see ultimately is the Kabbage platform being the landing point for small businesses,” AMEX Chairman and CEO Steve Squeri said. “And the way you want to think about this is fintech with scale. And so when you think about Kabbage, which is a pure-play fintech in the small business space and you think about American Express and the small businesses, and you combine that together, you have a fintech at scale. Not a fintech growing at scale, a fintech growing from scale with a balance sheet. And so that has always been the vision of Kabbage. As you bring Kabbage into the bank holding company structure, you have to do some other things to future proof it, if you will, and that’s what we’ve been doing. But that’s what you will see.”

Last modified: August 5, 2021

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