LendAcademy P2P/Investor Forum is Returning

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The P2P Lending/Investor Forum formerly at LendAcademy.com is coming back!

p2p forumIn late May, the online forum at LendAcademy.com went offline. Soon after, the forum URL was redirected to a note from the company that said the server hosting the data was no longer accessible.

“Upon further investigation it seems that our web hosting company, GC Solutions, has suddenly gone out of business,” they wrote. “We can no longer access our web portal to manage the site. We have left voicemails and emails so far to no avail. We received no warning and were taken completely by surprise. The backups we have are also with the hosting company.”

With the data seemingly permanently lost, deBanked acquired the rights to it last week (just the forum), with the hope that some proprietary methods of forensic recovery would be successful. A significant portion of the forum has since been restored, hosted now at debanked.com/p2pforum.

It is still a work in progress. There are still formatting issues and a number of missing posts. Passwords were also lost. If you were a user on the forum and wish for your account access to be restored, you must email us at info@debanked.com.

Thank you for your patience.

deBanked is affiliated with 3 other forums as well, namely:
deBanked Forums

The original post announcing the loss:

forum down

Last modified: June 14, 2021
Sean Murray

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