BFS Capital is Now Nuula

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BFS Capital Website“The reimagined future of BFS starts now, and today I’m proud to announce that BFS Capital has become Nuula,” wrote BFS Capital CEO Mark Ruddock on LinkedIn. In a lengthy post, he explained that the company has shifted its “philosophy from solely selling loans acquired primarily from brokers, to providing a more holistic, customer-centric mobile app that entrepreneurs would find useful each and every day.”

“Nuula is a mobile application that gives small business owners instant access to critical business metrics anytime, anywhere.

It allows real-time monitoring of cash flow, personal and business credit activity, and social ratings and reviews. Small business owners know immediately if there’s an issue with their cash, credit, or reputation that requires action.

But this is just the beginning.”

“With regards to our legacy business, our team will continue to support our existing customers and partners as we transition all our services to Nuula,” he added. “Our existing customers will be the first to be offered a chance to experience Nuula. And over the next few weeks, our existing working capital customers will be able to unlock additional capital from the first of our Nuula ecosystem partners, with exciting incentives and in a way that is as seamless as possible. We expect to make that announcement soon.”

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Last modified: April 29, 2021

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