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Daily FunderdeBanked’s parent company has acquired 100% of DailyFunder. I was a co-founder of the online forum that launched in 2012 and had remained a partner in it until recently when I had the opportunity to acquire the remainder of the company’s shares.

What does this mean for DailyFunder?
DailyFunder will remain an independent entity and website, and it will continue to keep its trademark name. Its concept, a message board for business finance professionals, will fit nicely into our ecosystem. Our full ownership of DailyFunder will allow us to provide the site with updates, fixes, and improved moderation. Some changes to the site may be implemented over the next several weeks and months.

More than 16,000 threads and 129,000 posts have been published on the forum since inception, a testament to the value that such a site provides to the unique community it fosters. DailyFunder has nearly 10,000 registered members. Discussion on the site originally centered around merchant cash advance but has since evolved to all types of commercial finance.

If you’re one of the men and women who fund daily, well then I hope to see you on the DailyFunder!

If you have a technical question or moderation issue, please email: webmaster@dailyfunder.com. If you have an advertising question, please email me at: sean@dailyfunder.com. Please bear with us as our team gets acclimated to the new change.

Last modified: February 7, 2020
Sean Murray

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